Revisit forum tags

There are many existing forum tags - some are typos and some seem to be for overlapping topics (soil/soil-carbon, grants/funding) as well tags that already exist as dedicated forum categories (conferences, open-team).

I would suggest we create some high-level tags and limit users to choose from existing tags. Overtime the community can decide when new tags are needed. A few ideas for high-level tags:

  • Jobs

  • Grants/funding/opportunities (can one word cover all this?)

  • Science (soil, co2, food quality?)

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • GOAT event (GOAT-centric events not associated with an existing forum category?)

  • Community event (Events within the broader GOAT community not associated with an existing forum category?)

  • … surely I am missing some

And maybe avoid tags for specific project names (farmos, open-team, etc) ? Maybe there should be categories for these?