[RFC]: Regen Network's Ecosystem Service Credit Module

Hey all,

We just published our first RFC (Request For Comment) document, outlining our proposed specification for the first domain-specific module we will be adding to the Regen Ledger.

I imagine that this community would probably have more feedback to give on our specs for modules that pertain to other aspects of Regen’s work (data verification and digital signatures), but as credits are quite similar to other datasets that typically live on blockchains (digital assets, currencies, tradable tokens), we decided to start with ecosystem service credits first.

At the top of this RFC there is a short preamble that explains how we’re hoping to use the RFC process at Regen (atleast when it comes to larger technical proposals). If the OpenTEAM community finds this kind of process valuable, I’d love to see it get adopted more broadly by other projects in this group.

See you in the comments, or feel free to message me directly with questions as well :slight_smile:


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