Sales and Marketing Session Notes


Continuation of previous Crop Planning Session

What Online Now

  • Australian bidding system

  • some tools on bidding systems and bartering

  • farmerathand

  • Open bazaar – P2P market and consumer

Particpants with a hat in the game

  • FarmOS
  • OpenFoodNetwork
  • NYF Coalition

Crop Planning and Market software

Tend – crop planning software

  • Question can you vary the level of granalarity? Yes
  • What does the sales side look like?
  • Seems to be okay
  • also seems to have a lot of management date – can this data be transfered to your record keeping?
  • Making availability visible to buyers (Jaimie)

What do people want to keep talking about?

Mike – NYFC - working on a program that helps with distribution – marketing and sales

  • programs that are out there aren’t necessarily meeting the needs of farmers

  • CSA’s and farmers markets aren’t necessarily the most efficient way of selling their goods

  • flexibly CSA options

  • in thinking aboout this he asks how do we increase the pie?

Mike at farmOS – what kind of support exists working with grocery stores?

  • Need to have a bulk capacity and meeting of standards.
  • They have certain bulk valume thresholds that they want
  • traceability

Food Hubs

  • a food hub is able to merge buyers into a collaborative situation where they can sell their goods

  • are things like food hubs trying to addresss the fact that consumers go through many streams of purchasing for products

  • There are programs that do things like CSA, but there doesn’t seem to be a program that does multiple functions or merge users and members in the same place

  • Rob suggests that is what they want to do. One which includes all the potential different use cases – farmers markets, csa, restos, groceries.


  • We have a lack of interoperability, where all these different tools are not really linking up…

  • We don’t want one tool to rule them all

  • but we do want them to be able work with eachother

  • There are similar tools that exist in manufacturing – can’t we bring in some of these other project management tools – we need to understand how the enterprise is managed

  • But farms are ties into an uncontrolled variable – the environment…

Next steps??

  • Project management tool … Gant

  • flow chart -

  • Trello and kanban project planning tools could be used to

  • define ontologies – look at how language and multiple platforms are using names

  • move into interoperability discussions