Scholarship available: StanCon 2023 @ St. Louis for Bayesian modelers & data scientists

Stan ( is a probabilistic programming and statistical modeling language used by tens of thousands of scientists, engineers, and other researchers for statistical modeling, data analysis, and prediction. It is being applied academically and commercially across fields as diverse as ecology, agriculture, physics, political science, finance and econometrics, professional sports, real estate, publishing, recommender systems, and educational testing.

StanCon 2023 (Stan - StanCon 2023) will be hosted at Washington University at St Louis, with 2 days’ tutorial (June 20-21) followed by 2 days’ conference (June 22-23). We still have scholarship available to cover local lodging as well as tutorial & conference registration (4 days in total). All welcome to apply Stan - StanCon 2023.

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