Seeking someone to develop ESP32 as access point for connecting hardware over wifi

Hello all, we have done some preliminary evaluation of using an ESP32 as an access point to connect to cell phones (iOS and Android) in order to deliver sensor information. In this case, we’re hoping to move our existing Reflectometer ( from Bluetooth Classic (Android only, requires native app) to ESP32 using wifi (fully cross platform, can use browser only). We’ll use this same structure for our new Soil Respiration sensor.

In terms of this particular work, we need to:

  1. Use C++ / Arduino to connect the ESP32 to our existing IC (a Teensy 3.2). Configure the ESP32 correctly to be an access point, and ensure that phones will maintain a connection with it (not drop it because it’s not providing internet). We’ve fleshed this out mostly and can provide some support on how it can be successfully done.
  2. In SurveyStack ( in JS (either from the server or possibly even from the client itself), enable a user to connect to the ESP32 access point in a user friendly way (this is key!).
  3. Receive data over UART serial by the ESP32 and pass it through the wifi access point to the phone.

Most of the work is actually on the phone side, so C++ / Android experience is important but most of the work will be in JS.

Ideally we’d start now and end by April 1. A lot of the spec’ing has been done, so it’s mostly just coding.

If you are interested please message me at with a resume and some background, and please pass this along! I’m wondering if @Don may be interested or know someone (?) Also maybe @sudokita you have students who could knock this out?

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