Seeking tool design for a compost sifter

I have a wheel barrow and a few hundred gallons of compost that should be finished in a few weeks. I need to build a sifter and have not done that part of this process before.

I’m guessing a wooden frame a little bigger than the wheelbarrow would allow two people to shovel material on top and shake it through. Maybe 1/2" wire?

I plan to return sticks, etc. to the pile as structure to oppose compaction restricting airflow.

If the frame is sturdy it might survive mounting an electric motor with an off balance weight to vibrate, making it a one person job. Might need to add legs, possibly a chute.

I plan to add whatever I come up with in Search results | Farm Hack

I found these sifter designs and the wheelbarrow one sounds like it’ll work for the amount I need to process.

Edit: I believe we have a winner.

Ultimate incarnation of the idea.

Lol. We used to just use a grid and wooden frame and our hands. Great way to get your callouses regulated, your hands in the biome and super cheap.

I found this on appropedia

I’ll take a look through a couple books later today to see if I find anything else interesting.

Thank you for that resource.

The drum and vibe designs make a lot of sense for a larger volume. I might be able to get by with this basic sifter I built.