Session: Aggregating Data

Facilitator: @Rohan
Documenter: @chrowe
Participants: 15ish (can’t remember everyone)

Aggregating data

  • FarmOS + Cool Farm tool integration


Multi-system producer

  • Land use…
    • Grazing land
    • Forested land
    • Diversified veggies
  • Fertility data lightly advised by an agronomist
  • Want to add data to ecosystem services market


  • Difficult to organize
  • Data collection cost offset by selling data
  • Data standardization
  • Tokenization of data anchored on chain but not stored on chain
  • Privacy
  • Developing world - praying on land rights
  • How to decide what metadata to keep
    • Methodology
    • What data is required for a specific credit class


  • Identify “similar enough” variables
    • LOI vs. RI combustion carbon measurement
  • Translation service
  • Service to customize the translation
  • FarmOS
  • Commercial imperative will force a standard
  • Get involved in standards organizations
  • Get a group of labs that are in alignmet

Beef for McDonalds in Australia

  • FarmOS
  • Data standard group within GOAT/OpenTeam

Global Geospatial datasets

  • Polygons


  • FarmOS Aggrigator Technical overview


  • Data formats
  • Method: Email/API
  • Data synchronization
  • You can’t aggregate data that is not standardized
  • There are to many standards
  • We need a translator between standards
  • We should define standards translation in code


  • There are too many standards, we will never agree on a single standard and we don’t want to create a new standard.
  • We want to create a translator between standards
  • Hackathon on Thursday!
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