Session: Barriers to Access


  • White supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism.
  • Barriers to access around language, tech, culture.
  • Attachment to one’s own ideas about how to do something. “Solutionism”
  • Generational and digital divides

Tech representation. How do we let less technical people become involved and feel like they belong?

Broken connections between design / UX, technical implementation, and the actual users “in the field.”

User research is expensive. Henry Ford said if I has asked what people had wanted, they would have said, “a faster horse.”

Lots of discussion around data sovereignty and the potential value of data. But it only has value in aggregate. If the value isn’t immediate, no one cares. Financial value as well as collective intelligence value. Financing of data to solve this?

Need: training, authentication, data standards, interoperability.

Barriers to tech adoption: Power imbalances within the community. Need to address the skill gap but also the power gap. Women sometimes adopt technologies faster because they provide each other more peer support. Often the labor of data is foisted upon women.

Open source scaling barriers: money, and the value of the software. Open source works for developers, should we even be “selling” it to non-technical consumers?