Session: Current Solution Goat-scape: Tuesday 9:30-10:40

Mapping the Goat-scape
Convener: Mike Stenta
Facilitator: Alexsandra
Documenter: Juliet

The goat-scape is the way that we goats relate, the way our organizations and tools relate - our social-technical relationships. In this session we identified the tools and projects that we’re working on, and the tools that we use but are not developed by goats. We mapped this information into six categories: Direct Marketer, Operations Management, Crop Planning, Data Aggregation, Information Tools, and Monitoring and Modeling. You can find our mapping here.

If you attended the session, are interested in this session, or are have a tool that you’ve developed or strongly depend on in this practice, please visit this spreadsheet. Please add your tool to this list or review its data. Thanks!

From our mapping we broke out into four groups. For notes on the break out groups, look below. Mike Senta will provide notes for Operations Management, anKita will provide notes for Monitoring and Modeling and Data Aggrigation, and will Rob will provide notes for Direct Marketer.

Also see to see what people are sharing in real time.