Session: Documentation & Education

Participants: @DanT Dan, Laura, @AmberS Amber, @nat Nat

Summary of a walking meeting!

  • Audience / Documentation Purpose
    • Users - researchers, farmers, etc.
    • Developers hoping to contribute
    • Software vs hardware
    • Customizable vs not customizable
  • Documentation Platforms / Tools
    • Gitlab, Google Docs, GitHub
    • Issues with findability and organization – how do we get people to read the docs?
    • Videos – okay, if short
  • How stage of development shapes documentation
    • For highly customizable tools (mostly software), may need a clear set of use cases to show the capabilities open to others (before having API tutorials for more polished products further in development)
    • Question of putting resources toward documentation really early – is this effective?
      • Documentation is often a hidden cost of development (required, but often not listed as a line item)
  • Potential Next Step:
    • Centralized registry – could we list a number of open source ag tools, and links to developer-produced documentation, general info, etc.
    • Template for documentation and tutorials
      • What’s the minimum information requirement for open software? What about hardware?