Session: Food Security: Wednesday 9:30-10:40

Convener: Morgan
Facilitator: Lee
Documenter: Juliet

Samuel, Brandon, Maureen, Jared, Ian, Justin

Photos of notes

What do you think when you hear food security (definition)?
access, methods of production, impacts of production (long term and short term)
access to fresh food - especially for disadvantaged
connected stack from the environment through the economy
as food gets scarce, guarding your food
local food sources are effected by state of the environment
local versus trucked resources
US food system - small farmers are shrinking, large farms expanding
food security is one pillar of social security
monetarily cheap mentality
values of community and market dictates what kind of food is important and grown
government influences markets, thus food security

What are our end goals regarding food security?
Allowing humans to adapt and survive

  • same model can be used on mars and earth
  • highly architected parts of Earth are hard to grow food in
    Taking pieces of what everyone is developing (interoperability between software, hardware, human systems, monetary systems, and plants) to help everyone survive … or more… thrive.

Ideas and tools that can be integrated into addressing food security
planning and zoning
reducing external inputs
regenerative systems
community interoperability/connectivity
connecting local to global through local to local (i.e. creating inter-connected regions, then connecting regions, and so on)

technology comes into play in physical security, cyber security, network security, IP (ideas) security
people will survive - when it comes to food, people have to value it, be connected to it, and work/steward the land. SO we have to create longevity in interest in sustainable food

  • education - some people just have no idea where food comes from (both fresh and processed)
  • other valued incentives (e.g., extra credit for students)
  • exposure (seeing things and becoming curious and so moving forward - seeing the idea of growing food)
  • marketing - making it cool/ appealing
  • introducing the “gateway” food

how does data over lay?

The downfalls of local food security - some places are better suited to grow food for large populations.

  • Modeling the areas of agriculture land use and minimizing the amount of deforested area when trying to localize
  • Global system and local systems can work together - local system can help people learn how blueberries grow, where global can help feed people across hte world.
  • people may not be able to eat the food they like because it doesn’t grow locally

There is an assumption that people within the communities don’t have the knowledge or understanding of what food security is - mostly i has to do with the economic system we’re in has pushed us to a commodity market that has caused the food insecurity.

  • policies can help insure food production.

Food for thought - How do you ensure food sovereignty?
Reseeding destroyed soil with nearby local microflora (Korean tradition).

  • how can we use technology to enhance this tradition?

De-risking agriculture production

  • less chemical inputs (building up soil resiliency so their agricultural system will persist)
  • document, data analysis?
  • have to talk to others and read it?
  • difficult to build a model because the data isn’t collected to do so - how do you build a system to get the right data?
    • this becomes a tool for educating farmers about what is broken with their system
    • need to infiltrate information providing places that farmers trust so they will trust these new ideas too.

Policy change is essential in order for the bottom up change to be effective.

Where do we grow our food?

Next goat:
Have dinner at a farm
Brainstorming sessions for people who have projects in process but need help
Break into subcommittees to work on policy, people, and environment
Have a variance of kind of farmers/food
Get out and do something - a hack-a-thon, a installation?
20% of goat needs to be farmers in the future, but this year 20% were farmers and something.