Session: Future of Goat: Wednesday 2:20-3:30

Future of Goat: Discussion Group #1:

Convener: Jamie
Facilitator: Bar
Documenter: Juliet

Sam, Reginald, Chris, Jack, Jane, Gwyn, Weston, Dennis

What would we like to discuss regarding the future of GOAT:
Bridge between today and next year
Connections between people
How can we contribute to the future
The government, university, administrators are not is not bad
WHo’s gonna take the lead
How Goat Moves Forward
Connect colleagues
Taskable items we can move forward on
Local chapters, student chapters

Break out group #3

We need to build PARTNERSHIPS
Figure out what universities are doing stuff like this?
UCI, Cornell
Figure out what government entities are doing stuff like this?
-As participants who are doing similar work, and where are they getting funding?
-Sharing funding opportunity list (e.g., foundations, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UN, World Bank)
Figure out other communities

We need a clear idea for what the goal is for next year:

  • We want to create an ecosystem that interoperates really well.
  • Coming up with a draft interoperability standards for the community
  • Coming up with a stack
  • Coming up with a values list
  • Coming up with a code of conduct
  • Some attendees want an ontology their tools can follow so there is a way for people to know about data sets that our tools are capable of following. We want to see if others can do something different with our data sets.
  • Groups with similar projects need to come together rather than do their own thing
  • working on a design spec for IOT, low-cost hyper spec camera, if people gathered around it the could get funded with no problem.
  • Lets create X working groups. And get shit done with funding and then present at next goat.

What are the features of the platform that make us be able to work well together

  • suggestion to have a monthly training seminar
  • Values list
  • Job board
  • hack-a-thon sponsored by organizations, associated with goat, in between goat

Is the outcome a GOAT organization?

  • Goat would connect people?
  • Have basic technology developers?
  • Use the GOAT network for special projects
  • (this is a formalized job board)

We need to find funding sources to jump start (or finish) good projects
e.g., Hero Axe Challenge Land o’Lakes

How do we balance our open source community with people who need money to spend quality time on it and people who spend some time (volunteer). How do we get full time developers to work on quality projects?

Can we get a foundation to spend money on sponsoring some kind of hack-a-thon to create a quality project?

<3 Mega Goat <3

I spoke with Micheal O’Rourke from MSU last week on possibly working with his group on developing a shared set of standards around interoperability or possibly open source tech in general. Seems like there will need to be some professional facilitation in order to accomplish some of the goals around creating a shared set of values and practice. His group usually works with scientists doing collaborative, interdisciplinary, or trans-disciplinary work (working closely with stakeholders) on finding what that group’s shared goals and practice should be. Here is a link to the documents he sent me to give more information on what they do 1 :
(1) Their fee schedule
(2) A one-page description of them
(3) An older paper that goes into some detail about what they do — this was written for an audience of scientists
(4) A couple of Toolbox instruments to give you a sense of the kind of things groups talk about

They run it with an initial dialog session with 12-15 people then do a larger virtual workshop with the whole group (3 hours). The fee is kind of steep, Michael seemed kind of open to haggling but we would have to see about that. It seems like a good opportunity to work out some of the larger cultural and ethical issues open source struggles with but it is really up to you all. Let me know what you all think.

Future of Goat Session
Group 2

Documentation: Samuel


  • small electrical engineering groups at university – meet informally, try to get them involved for goat,
  • student tech groups
  • how do we communicate with these groups?
  • subsections of the goat forum
  • Question: how do we appeal to farmers with not a lot of tech experience
  • Start a page that poses a question to farmers to see if they are interested in a tech and if they are
  • bringing more people into the group who are interested in farming
  • Send farmers to tech events
  • Key people within regions - everyone
  • community to community discussions
  • how do we strike a balance between farmers and technologists?
  • Recruitment of investors

In between the GOAT Conference

meet ups at other conferences

  • where people could get together before these other events
  • ie pen state ag progress

calendar – upcoming events

  • who is going – check in
  • sharing what people are up to

informal goat dinners – between farmers and technologists

cross polinate and populate

Pick the right venues to encourage particpation

contact card for each person from the event - human resource mapping

  • what you have made
  • here is what I am interested in
  • Here are the tools I use
  • what communciation tools I use – git, trello, farmhack etc

Frequency of events

  • monthly touch point and seminars
  • annual events

Establish a working group

  • perhaps 12
  • and each has a set date to propose a workshop

Telephone interviews or conferences,…

bringing in other well known people to talk…

Start a working group around a particular challenge and that could create a shared goal

Keeping people engaged

  • product launches – attend online … launch boxes, unboxing
  • people might want to attend and get participate online
  • social media
  • bring people in

Propose a working group page on the forum before the end of the
where everyone can sign in and join groups

Next time: Ideas for the Future of Goat

Plan for a winter event to bring in more farmers

Or perhaps only plan the first 2 days and then have the last day open and people can develop and propose sessions for the last day

4th stream of events that are hackathons

how many people next year?

More focused?

Self organized streams – a fifth stream of open sessions

Develop some tracks – not always unconference streams

remote teleconference people

1 track of scheduled topics
online unconference preplanning for those scheduled events

Event hosts, or organizations hosting, based on regions:


  • maybe having a stream or a place for investors to come in an scout for business propositions
  • not active pitching
  • conference remains about knowlege

Speakers from adafruit, smart farm, arduino,

also as potential donors

  • Noble foundation
  • Rodale
  • Purdale