Session: NFT’s and blockchain

Who and why?

  • Paul – Own them, and part of Regen Network community
  • Shreya – Digital Green how we can use NFT’s for fund raising
  • Becca – work for Regen Network – are we building blockchain to solve problems? Vision to create transaction infrastructure for transparency – which we haven’t seen before
  • Mikah – interested in how blockchain for farming
  • Seta – same
  • Elizabeth – to learn more and how it relates to agriculture
  • Santosh – robotics in agriculture from academia – heavily invested in cryptos – peer-to-peer transactions can disintermediate the supply chain; agrivoltaics – solar panels on-farm to run blockchain nodes on-farms
  • Matthew – Lookinto – use NFT’s to support farmers through telling stories about farms – thousands of NFT’s per farmer and thousands of farmers – how can we use this investment to turn this into real world outcomes
  • Prateek – smart contracts and crypto experience
  • Marcus – Chroma Signet – connection NFT’s to physical products – our software is about barcoding – which provides provenance about the product – and we gift the consumer who feels out a survey – who joins a community through the NFT and the producer gets the information on respondents
  • Cory – using Cosmos blockchain to record and enable transactions in carbon credits for Regen Networks

Let’s discuss different use cases – and centre it on agriculture - but first explore what we’re talking about…

  • Definition of NFT v crypto – digital representation of a unique asset versus number
  • Definition of blockchain – a public registry
  •   Deep explanation of proof and work vs proof of stake
  • “Thanks guys - Was better than watching 100 hours of youtube videos”

Use cases

  • Users never should hear the word ‘blockchain’
  • Use cases could better be about the business model
  • Creating transparency
  • Data coops
  • Smart contracts
  • Used equipment
  • Patent innovation – the future of patents is NFT’s
  • Supply chain provenance
  • Collectibles
  • Fundraising
  • Crop insurance – risk management in pools
  • Participatory verification
  • Membership clubs
  • Transparent royalties