Session: Open Ag. Tech. Education

Facilitator- @laurieWayne ; Documenter- @mushi-shi
Participants- @AmberS , @paul121 , @sezuco , @Elhenriq , @tysonwynne , @sudokita

The session began with a gesture activity to open-up participant’s minds and bodies through movement. Each participant showed a gesture, which was then mimicked by everyone else. They also shared their name and background in brief.

The first activity was to identify different actors/ role players in the open source network.

Different Actors/ Role-players in Open Source Ag. Tech.- Food Producers (Farmers, Farm workers, growers at all levels), Technical (Developers, Support), Academia (Students, Educators), Community Organizers and Extension Agents, Creatives (Artists), Supporters/ Funders/ Patrons (Retirees, Advisors, Experts in different domains), Consumers/ End-users other than ones directly engaged in the Ag. practice.

Next, 3 stepping stones towards scaling Open Source Technology were identified and visualized as concentric circles on a large sheet of paper, each representing- ‘AWARENESS on Open Source Ag. Tech.’, ‘CONTRIBUTING to Open Source Ag. Tech.’ and ‘USE of Open Source Ag. Tech.’. Each member provided their input through stickies within each circle.

Stepping stones towards scaling Open Source Technology:

AWARENESS on Open Source Ag. Tech.- Advertising and Marketing (Social Media, Famous Spokes peeps), Communities (GOAT), Training and Classes, Outreach through known networks, Branding; various mediums- pictures, videos, publications, zines, comics etc.

CONTRIBUTING to Open Source Ag. Tech.- Product Owners, Using recently purchased tech., Tutorials, Mentors/ Buddies, Community Calls/ Support Groups, Catalogue of Tools, Training/ Classes, Recruitment.

USE of Open Source Ag. Tech.- Onboarding and continuous support and training by Product Owners, through Mentors/ Buddies; through community calls and support groups; through tutorials. Identifying and respecting cultural norms; simplifying for suitable Tech. Literacy and making efforts to increase the same; mediums- a catalogue of tools; best practices- following up on use, elaborate, engaging, yet simplified documentation.

Finally, all of the above were visualized as shown below -

Additionally, an APPROACH to the 3 identified stepping stones for different actors in the Open Source Ag. Tech. Education, was formulated and incorporated in the resulting diagram-

Aiming to REDUCE- complexity, money, time and detail.
Aiming to AUGMENT responsibility, knowledge, value, relationships, self-sufficiency.

The session ended on a happy note with everyone repeating the gesture activity and moving forward to the next sessions.

Hope you find his useful. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

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