Session: Project Management and Ethics at GOAT 2022

Sticky Notes

  • Encourage cooperation across teams
  • Distributed governance, support with the soft stuff
  • Better late than never DOESN’t work → better to just get it out the door because it won’t be perfect
  • Brand across tools and across teams
  • Low barrier comms tools across entities
  • Templatize and standardize meetings → reduce bottlenecks


  1. DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT – Technical project management (working with devs), i.e. building the thing
  2. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – Applied project management with multiple groups, i.e. defining the problem/scope

NOTE: We divided ourselves into these two groups based on what folks wanted to focus on


  • Improve on scope and execution of a project
  • Understand Project management challenges with developing a project – being intermediary with stakeholders (funders, farmers, advisors, etc…) and dev team
    • Making sure the stakeholder needs are being well-communicated to the dev team
    • Connection between one project to another
  • Better organize and implement impactful projects through groups, workstreams, etc…
  • Product processes at scale → team motivation and navigation
  • Managing external vs internal projects
  • Understanding where the project manager is coming from when it comes to meetings
  • Improve flow!
  • Community management becoming project management

Key Questions

  • How do you prioritize key stakeholders? Should stakeholders be talking with each other to strategize better?
  • How to scale feedback processes? How do we track them and these projects so that they don’t collapse?
  • When do you want to involve the developer and when is it unnecessary, when interacting with users or at certain points of the project (i.e. collecting feedback, should it be aggregated first?)
  • How do you manage conflicting user experiences?

Brainstorming of existing project management processes and exploring a new template for our needs – SEE LINKS TO PHOTOS IN COMMENTS!

Other Notes

Special thanks to @paul121 for facilitating!

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Development Management Brainstorm and Outline

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