Session: Value Ops, Open Ag Software

GOAT Session Notes Tuesday, 9:30-10:40
Value Ops, open ag software
jupyter documentation

open source geopatial tool
decisionn support tool, land use
remoste sensing, backend verification for International Dev form submission
In the end, we have to do it all
part of it (system) is closed and part is open

Software support system

Asking the farmers what they need.
opportunities, unmet needs


What to do, connecting the dots
manure app, phone,
set up, and then it creates a record as the application of manure is being done.

“preto typing” book

critical tools
real time

What is the one core tool that farmers use? Identify and focus on that then build out additional modules. (Microsoft-tyep model)
cell hones calls, texts websites
quick books
CSA mgmt software
alternative tool website to find open source options to commercial software
list of agtech options both commercial and open-source

agtech local user support network
can escalate to goat forum techies for additional help
community based
connecting people adds nontangible value as well
calandar tool that aggregates weather, climate data and other infomration

loss aversion economic model
business model,
student brain power, student researchers, look into the existing software, users, needs

greg mapping the software space and gap analysis
GOAT savings vs. revenue generating
local tech support
data derivatives
stack exchange (can see everyone’s developer stack)

Alden said yesterday
less cost saving decisions, more likely to choose revenue generating

suite concept
formulate the questions
it is up to the farmers

Localization, rather than universal tools
aksi, convenience is another aspect
not only ask farmers, ask about the relationships between suppliers, etc.

awesome - something
should have awesome-agtech (oops, somebody already started one)
metalink, self organizing