Session: Visualizing the Network/Networks

What kind of networks do people want to visualize?
Farmer networks
Sensor networks
Open source community network
GOAT community
Ag Tech Community

Why do you want to visualize?
Reducing redundancy in communications
Understanding relationships and strengths
Understanding reciprocal relationships
Discovering the functional/capability connections
Find out what people are already making or made already
Help with collaboration
A way of thinking about our work

We ended up just thinking about the GOAT network itself and how to visualize it.

Jeff and Ann and Jennifer are going to investigate SumApp for survey and Kumu mapping of relationships

Kyle brought up Personal Knowldedge Graph PKM idea - generated from a Markdown file

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Photo of messy diagram

Thx @anna @meganlowmy @mikahpinegar @kylebirchard @JeffPiestrak @mushi-shi @Joel_McClure who else was there? Megan did you say you would populate the miro board from whatever data you have on the participants. Prateek not sure if you can do anything with the mess we came up with, or if it’s worth your time. Anna and Jeff and I are going to investigate the SumApp community of practice to see if they have something for us or if there are better tools or approaches out there. Also see the discussion and visual from this session about the need to connect with other important networks.

Great meeting today with @julietnpn from the Mapping the GOATscape group - sounds there is much intersection between the tool librarians and the network visualizers. We have set up a Hylo space to continue collaboration here: Hylo
Here is Lettuce Meet for a full team gathering in January LettuceMeet - Easy Group Scheduling
@JeffPiestrak can you make some of us moderators of Hylo group and change the permissions to allow people to request access? Thanks, Jennifer

Thanks for getting several balls rolling here Jennifer, and for the great meeting with you and the others yesterday. I’ve completed the survey, updated current member privileges on the hylo group, and added additional notes/recollections from our meeting there.