Shared Mural for mindmap of connections

Please feel free to check out, contribute, and comment on this visualization of the various connections in the OpenTEAM network

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A link to the kumu map we ended up translating the map to -

@gbathree – Could you share the spreadsheet that you were cooking up on Day 1?

@ircwaves Here is a link to a copy of the spreadsheet. We are still working on how to best display ad add the next level of tagging, but it will give you a good view into the connections.

Thanks @dornawcox – Could you update the fields which say “AGS” to say “Dagan”? I also owe @sudokita a copy of our logo, so I’ve attached that here


Is anyone just seeing this when they open the map?


@dornawcox, if you need help putting any of this together, I’m happy to lend a hand!

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Unfortunately whenever the data is refreshed from the linked spreadsheet some of the formatting is lost. I would love to have others dive into the tool and I expect that we can set it up so that we retain the formatting with refresh. The documentation is here - with lots of videos as well.

Also if you go to the top menu, there are other maps that are not built on an external spreadsheet, so we can post multiple formatted versions.

Looking forward to adding the next layer of formatting and tags and sharing back with the group!

Cool! Well I’m happy to dive in, should have some time this weekend.

This link worked better for me:

For fun, here is an image from our working map on the glass wall

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