Sharing Some Reflections

Hi all! I wanted to reshare some reflections posted to hylo! Myself and others posted to hylo so we could begin sharing some of our learnings beyond this community here! But, I wanted to make sure others saw these thoughts here.

Please add your own thoughts and reflections as we all begin to digest more and more of the work we did and discussions we had at this year’s GOAT!

Sienna Zuco posted:
Last week, several folks from our team and many from our community participated in the 2022 Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology (GOAT) Unconference :goat: at the Omega Center in Rhinebeck, New York. Very different from a usual conference, an unconference is where the schedule and activities are determined on-site by participants, following the group’s unique mix of interests. Topics ranged from cooperatives, building trust and literacy, systems to aggregate data, to discussions around NFTs and blockchain.

Reflection from Nat Irwin: At GOAT, I was finally able to connect with people who I usually only see virtually. From discussions around data privacy and interoperability to documentation and trust-building with land stewards, there was a lot to learn from such an excited and collaborative community committed to supporting farmers and their needs.

GOAT believes the technologies that produce our food and the data about our food system should be public, and enable control by the farms and farmers that produce it. Together, we can collectively address the problems which prevent the creation of advanced, high quality open technology and its adoption.

It was a super fun conference and extremely thankful for organizers like @sudokita @gbathree @jgaehring @julietnpn @laurieWayne and all volunteers and contributors for making it SO SO SO amazing! Looking forward to the next one!

@jtwood posted:
GOAT was an incredible place to meet people in real life and appreciate the true commitment everyone in the OpenTEAM sphere and beyond has to the land! I loved the conversations about cooperatives, interoperability, finding synergy, and commitment to equity. It’s all about relationships! Could Hylo be helpful as a place communicate among the GOAT affiliates and to expand the network? Where are there synergies and possible redundancies with the Forum? I have started an email communication with Megan from @sudokita and @julietnpn Axilab and @anna about putting a Miro board together from the participant list as a start to mapping the network - both individuals and organizations - and then seeing where a real home and community of practice for that might be. SumApp with Kumu Maps is an interesting avenue - it has powerful social system mapping functions but no direct communication function. @JeffPiestrak is interested in this conversation as well and we will be working on it going forward! Two related GOAT Sessions were the Visualizing the Network and the Connecting GOAT to Other Networks. Cheers all, JT

@JeffPiestrak posted:
Yes! Looking forward to networking and mapping and mapping the networks! :nerd_face:

Happy to use hylo as a home base for this, combined with other tools and channels as needed.

I have another conversation going with Clare Politano and Prosocial folks here related to using sumApp and possible integration with hylo. That might include drawing initial data from SurveyStack on the front end of the process, and being able to embed a Kumu map derived from sumApp data in a hylo resource page on the tail end.

Here’s an example of a sumApp derived Kumu map: Maine Food Convergence Network Map • Kumu. Instructions for generating a Kumu embed link are available here: Share and embed maps · Kumu Help Docs.

I’ll also be working with Paul Atkins and others on an Introduction to Prosocial workshop for OpenTEAM (and perhaps others OT might like to invite). All enabling that emerging regenerative ecosystem I mentioned at the end of my GOAT 2022 presentation


Thanks for sharing @sezuco!
Just point out in all the places that there are at least two (maybe more?!) mapping the GOATscape efforts. Lets all coordinate. :slight_smile: Here is another forum post where things are getting organized: Session: Mapping the GOATscape - Open Ag Tech, Tool, and Data Library - #6 by julietnpn