Soil and Nutrition Conference 2019: GOAT-Hack (?) ideas

We’re talking about doing another GOAT-Hack at the Soil and Nutrition conference… @DanT and @mstenta came up with some ideas that are feasible that we feel would be useful for the audience, and would build on work we’ve done in 2019.

@dornawcox @sudokita Dan Kittredge, Dave Forester, other BFA members (maybe @lizj_BFA … any thoughts opinions additions?

1. Feedback sessions

  • Farm Partners - get feedback from how things are working, so they can all provide complaints and frustration. We’d like this to be one of the normal sessions.

  • ideas / questions - what worked, what didn’t? Data accountant - someone to help collect + organize data (not agronomist, not sales person) - less expensive, but helpful for small diversified farms? How could we do this better?

  • … other ideas for this session?

2. time series visualizations, heat mapping in farmOS…

  • ‘time slider’, field overlay of

  • weather (USDA CROWN’s API - will share info in next email)

  • Soil carbon data (use actual, make some up)

  • food quality data visualized (use actual, make some up)

3. Have agronomists / ag economists and farmers identify…

  • Basic idea: with the tech we have (or is very close), is it useful today and how can we get there if not? IE is this a ‘packaging’ problem, and if so, what is the right ‘package’ and who’s the right customer?

  • overall cost points (50 samples / year fully mapped, 1 sample per field no mapping, etc)

  • utility (use only for problem areas, do year over year for long-term tracking, ??, etc.)

  • cost-benefit analysis to identify lowest hanging fruit use cases

  • final output: lowest hanging fruit use cases with full cost / utility analysis of data collection and management (soil, food nutrition, management data) based on the available or near-term available technology options.