Soil Health Tests -- Need Feedback!

On the CoffeeShop interest survey many of you indicated that you are interested in different soil health metrics (Biological, Chemical, and Physical Soil Health, etc).
Most soil health indicators that we are thinking of would come from lab tests and we want to figure out how best to support that in the CoffeeShop.

  • What labs do you currently use for soil testing?
  • How are the results you get back formatted?
  • Would a csv importer tool that allows you to drag and drop lab results be useful for the coffeeshop?

We currently use Ward Lab for soil carbon testing and receive the results in an excel sheet, therefore it could be useful to have a csv importer tool.

We also use Woods End Lab for a more comprehensive soil assessment and he shares those results on a pdf. Therefore, a csv importer tool would not be useful for those reports.

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Very helpful information, thanks @Shaylan
For Woods End Lab, would they be willing to return the results via CSV instead of PDF?