Storytelling and Art

What are gaps that we are trying to fill
What are possible tools
Specific use case - how can we collect stories around diversity and agriculture - tech understanding farmers

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Will: feeling good
Joel: feeling good - using maps or additional
Ashtika:Exploring the idea of collaborative art making and communicating data around what is happening in our food systems
Elizabeth: Feeling free and excited - art is a powerful way to communicate - porcee info, grieve and tech is tie d into all human emotions
Jeff: feeling sleeping - interested in how we can create stories together to create a big tent and increase interest to a wider
Tica: feeling good - interested in art as a means to share knowledge past cultural and skill barriers
Samuel: feeling pretty good - enjoyed every session so far - feeling good - is an illustrator on the side - likes ocmmunicating through graphics - collective understanding
Sara - feels good - likes s
Mishtaka- loves art
Matthew - work with look into so storytelling - interested in beauty and truth

Drawing activity - around the prompts:
Collecting stories around equity in ag to address barriers
What barriers exist that art and storytelling can fill
Connecting regional marginalized groups with each other

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