Survey creation tool, next steps



Based on our conversation with John from Kobo, seems like in near term we should talk to Martine and Helene, make contact and let folks know what we’re doing.

Speak with Martine of

  • he is working on javascript snippets within the collect app… wants to access sensors
  • who else is working on collecting data from devices
  • question types… could we get a new one? How hard?
  • could we collaborate on a code base?

Helene Martin - another good person to contact… as a starting point

Then in 2 - 3 months, when we release a more comprehensive hello world and we have web visualization in place, then we can post it all to ODK forum and hopefully get more active feedback as two of the major players Helene and Martine will know who the hell we are :slight_smile: At the same time, we can post our needs re the library system in Kobo, and perhaps also the creating a new question type.