Switchboard concept, feedback

Sorry @mstenta @DanT @richos_uk @sudokita @wgardiner Steve and Glen, didn’t know where to put this, but integrated a lot of thoughts in the last few weeks. Realizing that for this initial work, it makes most sense to really deeply invest in this conventions idea around farmOS 2.x as it combines both the ontology components and the schema connecting, while also being using directly in farmOS and by other services.

Glen thanks for pushing these ideas together in our conversations.

That all said, there’s quite a list of version dependencies in this, and I’d love any feedback on the structure I lay out below. I think we need to break this up into multiple libraries and clear and consistent versioning is critical, @wgardiner you probably know better the conventions for how to do this than I. right now I can only imagine it in a normal folder structure… but it’s probably wrong.

All that said, here’s the structure. I’ve also just tried to lay out the files in a folder structure…

folder structure: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NgUdemBkr-MkD3v-iP1ozBqd1m_z72RP?usp=sharing

Layout of files and version dependencies among files: