Team Activity: FAIR In Practice

Working session to discuss a framework for embedding FAIR principles in an organization/government, thinking about how to outline and document that process, developing writing and other tools to communicate the importance (and present examples) of FAIR in practice for decision makers, provide a framework and template stories for developers, etc.

Participants: @anna @courtney.king @genna @hopeCAL @paul121 @sezuco @StevenDoyle @nat @nedhorning and dorn
Others who couldn’t make it Thursday but who are interested, please reach out regarding ongoing work/next steps/outputs that could have benefit broader to GOAT!

The group split up into teams to work on a one-pager/manifesto, develop a diagram/visual materials, outline case studies, and think about language that would be beneficial for developers. The one pager team is not finished, but got a great start on that effort, which seems to be turning into multiple one pagers. The diagram started out as a process flow but turned into a table of where opportunities/barriers/reasons to not fully go FAIR present themselves in PODS (Producer Operations Data System). The entire group wasn’t fully able to touch base, but others can put their progress either here or in another venue. At what ended up being the tail ( :goat: ) end of GOAT, we were able to make lots of progress in multiple directions. @courtney.king will get in touch regarding next steps, but is interested in thoughts on how to best move forward for those in OpenTEAM, FarmOS, or otherwise who are interested and/or likely to become more involved moving forward.

Also, we’ll share out anything that has broader relevance!

Useful links:
Great existing “starting an open source project” example Starting an Open Source Project | Open Source Guides
Go-Fair manifesto template Manifesto template - GO FAIR