Team Activity: Application Brainstorm

I’m posting this to get things rolling, but I think @DanT and @wgardiner and others will fill in details here.


To co-develop ideas/features/processes/UI/UX for geolocation-based sampling using soilstack, primarily focused on applications outside soil sampling for soil organic carbon.


We have been developing for over a year primarily for ESMC for soil carbon stock sample point selection, but also with the intent to support any group performing geolocation-based sampling which could include biodiversity, water, or even air.

Because the funding has been focused through ESMC, we’ve been laser focused on their application and goals, but now that the tool has most of the core elements in place, we really want to start to expand our thinking about how it will be used.

We want to brainstorm how you’d like to do geolocation based sampling, what you’d be sampling, where, and what the process is. What features are we missing, and what should we add? What’s the best way for you to use the software - as a service, or installed locally? What kind of stratifications would you want, and who would you expect would develop them? How would you use this in your existing work, and what kinds of new uses could open up if we design it this or that way?

Who should attend

Really anyone who is interested in or does field-based sampling. I think especially this would be great for OpenTEAM fellows if they can make it. We will definitely at least record this for others who can’t make it, but probably try to allow remote participation as well.