Thames Valley Farm Hack 2019


I’m hoping to put together a Farm Hack event later this year, talking to potential venue(s) in South Oxfordshire. If anyone’s interesting in getting involved, please get in touch.

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My name is Dairo, am a young researcher, I am interested. My mail is, +2348065935611.

Hey @RaggedStaff I think Frank has mentioned that I am likely to be interested.

I know a load of farmers and growers right on the south Oxfordshire boarders who are likely to be interested. I’d be happy to help with organising stuff.

I’m interested, but also new to this forum, so what sort of topics do you have in mind?

Also, I work at Rothamsted Research and we’ve got some pretty good conference facilities, but alas not free.

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Hi there - also up for helping out with this. My email is - let me know what i can do.