The Things Network LoRaWAN Conference is coming to the UK - we need speakers!

Hey folks,

Excuse the spam-like nature of this post, however The Things Network UK conference is being held in Reading, Berkshire on the 14th & 15th of October this year.

I’m working hard to make sure that Agritech is covered in the talks, and as part of that I’d love to hear from the community here if you’ve got a talk/workshop that you’d like to do.

We’ve not released the “official” call for papers yet, but as soon as we do I’ll post it here, so get thinking!

Details of the conference are at and assuming that folks are interested, I’ll post more about it here as we get closer to the event!

Great - thanks for sharing. I think folks from the NC State USDA CROWN team should go (@sudokita can ping them since they don’t have usernames here) , they pretty actively use LORA stuff in their project. We (Our Sci) don’t currently have applications in the space, but would love to have more in the future, it’s very useful tech.

That would be amazing if they did want to attend, or even speak!