Trouble selecting a survey from

I watched the tutorials and started my Android.
I went to
I do not see any surveys available to select.
When I search for Soil Carbon Estimate, it doesn’t find anything.
Any suggestions? Ultimately, I want to install the SurveyStack Kit App.

Thanks, Dave

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out! When you’re in, do you have the option to browse surveys in the left-side menu? If you can go to that “Browse” page, you can select that tab labeled “All Groups,” which will show all surveys.

Once there, you can search for the Nutrient Density Estimate or Device Calibration surveys to get started. Both of these surveys have the APK installer for the SurveyStack Kit app.

Additionally, SurveyStack Kit is now available on the Google PlayStore. This is the easiest way to install that app. Here is the app page. My apologies that the online tutorials do not yet reflect that improvement, we will be sure to get that updated soon.

Lastly, the Soil Carbon Estimate survey is not up yet. Our team is working to develop a more accurate model for soil carbon before creating a user-ready prediction like what we have for nutrient density. Sorry for any inconvenience there!


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