Understanding the numbers

Just started using my Bio-nutrient Meter. I would like to better understand the numbers that I get on the meter. For example how do the Brix numbers I get correlate to the brix numbers on my brix meter?

Hi Bob,

The models applied in the Nutrient Density Estimate survey correlate spectral data from the Bionutrient Meter and lab analysis data from the BI lab in Ann Arbor, all from the 2020 growing season. The BI lab uses a Brix meter, so any of the Brix models in the Nutrient Density Estimate would be a correlation between spectral data from a Bionutrient Meter used in the lab and results from a Brix meter used in the lab.

Hope this helps, but of course please let me know if you have additional questions!


So can you tell me if I have a brix reading of 12, what would that be on the Bionutrient meter?

Steve (Bob)

Hi Steve,

The meter results and Brix meter results are not directly related in a way that would make that possible. The Nutrient Density Estimate survey gives you a result in the form of a percentile. So it’s comparing the spectral results of your sample to those of 2020 BI Lab samples, which were also measured with a Brix meter. The model is created by correlating the spectral and Brix results, but then applies a percent-based estimate to give users a sense of the relative quality of their produce sample.

All the best,