*UPDATE* GOAT 2020 is not happening but activities coming soon!

We are inviting you to apply to the 2020 Gathering for Open Ag Technology, from June 7 - 10 at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY.

The Gathering for Open Ag Tech community has grown a lot since our first gathering in 2018. Here’s some updates from the last 2 years:

  • GOATs have organized several biddy GOATs (smaller events) in 2018 and 2019, including USDA ARS, Bionutrient Food Association, and Techstars.
  • A major initiative emerged in part from connections/collaborations from GOAT called OpenTEAM. OpenTEAM is organizing and funding major collaborations between open ag tech developers, farmers, and entities in the supply chain.
  • The GOAT forum is thriving, with sub-forums for FarmHACK, OpenTEAM, and the Real Food Campaign.

The community has made huge progress and is creating multi-year plans for collaborations and integrations - yay! So this year, we want GOAT to focus on building friendships between our wonderful and diverse community, and looking hard to find new faces in new places.

Participants will be diverse, community-oriented, skilled and focused on progressing the open ag tech movement. The goals of the conference are to…

  • Coordinate existing development - There are many groups with overlapping interests. Let’s get together! Let’s talk about building tech together BEFORE we spend time and money, not after.
  • Invite new development - Create a culture where new developers find a thriving, engaged, and skilled community which can make their work easier, faster, and better.
  • Aligning technology and users - Finding people to try, test, break, and give feedback on new technology is hard but critically important to making technology relevant and useful.
  • Creating a common roadmap - If we collectively have a plan, reduce duplication of efforts and find common areas of need, then we can all contribute more effectively.

GOAT is following the example of the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) movement, coordinating the efforts of participants to create a clear mission and roadmap to pursue common goals.

If you also believe the technologies that produce our food and the data about our food system should be public, please apply now.


:goat: The GOAT organizing team (Ankita, Dorn, Greg, Jamie, Juliet, Mike, and Rian)

PS - If you can’t go, please pass this invite along through your networks!


#goatech2020 Open Source + Ag + Tech

Does that sound like you?

Apply to the Gathering for Open Ag Tech (GOAT!), June 7 - 10, in Rhinebeck NY - https://forms.gle/HN2cuNKMMMeTVRdXA.


Applied and shared!