Vision of the Our Sci Platform

While we have been working on the Our Sci Android and Web application for a while, it is sometimes is a good idea to take a second and look back to think about the true vision that we try to achieve. Most often a clear goal emerges only along the path, so these are the aims that we believe are important to our overarching mission.

Formulating the vision will also help to create a message for the UI experience we would like to create for the user.

Collecting as Collective

Create a low barrier of entry to contribution to research projects. Allow resulting data to be reused entirely or partially across the platform.

Living Data, the feedback cycle

The fundamental nature of research is a continuous circle of adding and evaluating new data. Our goal is to ensure that data does not get stale and allow for resulting research to be improved when new data is submitted. As a result the interpretation and evaluation of prior data collected should be improved every time new research is added to the platform.

For the researcher and the user

Our platform should allow the researcher to easily contribute and interpret submitted data while the user needs to be able to apply the research to new measurements taken. As user even when just interested into the result, be able to submit new data to in turn improve the overall result quality of the entire research.

Connecting to the outside and building the Nexus

The platform needs to have mechanisms in place to fetch and apply outside data to measurements on the platform and act as central hub for merging data results from various places.

@gbathree let me know your thoughts and additions


I love it! Especially those terms, “collecting as collective”, “living data” they are fantastic. They are both nice phrases and really help explain the concepts efficiently. We should use them as we build out the general purpose web page. Thanks for writing out these notes.