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If you want to be actively involved in shaping the Bionutrient Institute and are looking to discuss or get help with the Bionutrient Meter you’re in the right place!

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Bionutrient Institute main site
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Bionutrient meter forum (tech support + discussion)

The goal of the Bionutrient Institute (Formerly known as the Real Food Campaign) is to make the nutritional density of food easily detectable and incentivize the entire food supply chain to focus on nutritional value as a key metric. The Bionutrient Institute is organized by the Bionutrient Food Association and you can find more details about past work at the Real Food Campaign website and future work at their new website. To support the campaign financially, become a member or just give them some cash.

That’s the big goal, but the moving parts include:

  • Technology and sensor development, testing, and manufacturing
  • Defining and refining the metrics and methods for collecting soil, food, and human health data
  • Engaging partners + reaching out to users
  • Analyzing and interpreting the data

Get in the discussion!

We have a few major programs - Grower Partners, Citizen Science Partners, and the Real Food Campaign Lab

While we invite everyone to be involved in all discussions, we also have a lot to do so moderators will help groups stay focused and on topic.

Read the “About” posts at the top of each working group to understand the specific goals, constraints, and work that’s already been done so you can jump in and be productive from the start.