Where to disuss our colaboration tools for GOAT and beyond

Talking with @dornawcox we thought it would be good to create a place to discuss our collaboration suit. What tools to use and how to best use them. @gbathree Do you think this is a good place for that? I think it will go beyond just Discourse (Riot, Googe Docs, etc.) and beyond just GOAT. Maybe a new category would be better? What do you think?

@gbathree are you or @mstenta the admin for our GOAT discourse instance? I thought it would be great to do a test integration with our RIOT channel - especially for our FIOT topic. Chris found this tutorial https://meta.discourse.org/t/set-up-matrix-riot-im-notifications-using-the-discourse-chat-integration-plugin/66944

Sound good?

Hey - added you as admin, so give it a go, I’m game for it!

@david.n.forster runs the server that Discourse is running on. So if you need any server side modifications he’s the one to talk to.