Why not inform normal citizens about the farmers who save the world

Hey Guys.
Congrat tottaly awesome stuff you made here
But can you please read my attempt on making the farmers financially interested in changing their methods. I know everybody is intelligent here and sorry for my simple languange its not my mother tongue. And i write it here because i havent found any email adress on your site. (bit strange)
My way:

We should inform more and more normal people buyers of food about what is this type of aggriculture and if they choose the products of these farmers they get healthy food and sequestering carbon.
We would at least show a map of buyers and farmers to each other to help them find each other. Farmers can spot overdemands so new farmers can start there Regenerative agg.

Later we can start buy up products and sell it systematically arranged own shops. Etc this would be good for the farmer because they would have better creditbility to get loans.

It would work as the bio/organic label on the products.

I think its good it would work well with your system to decide which land is cultivated with notill which is not.
Can any of the regen network boardmembers give me an address to get in contact please nemeth.attila91@gmail.com is mine feel free to messesage if you like my idea.
Thanks in advance


I think you may like https://openfoodnetwork.org/