Workshop: Design Methods for Sustainable Agriculture

Hi folks!

I haven’t had a chance to full develop this workshop yet, but am throwing this out here for two reasons:

  1. To provide a sample format for workshop ideas, &
  2. To see if there is any interest in this topic. If there is interest, I’ll update this post with a more concrete outline as we get closer to the day.

Time: 1-3 hours

In the spirit of designing open ag tech with a better user experience, this workshop will walk through the design process.

The material in this workshop will be based on: courses I have helped teach in the past, experiences and interactions with the design community, and my own design process, as used in my dissertation work (looking at information & modeling in sustainable agriculture).

Things I can cover in this workshop include:

  • Methods such as personas, scenarios, storyboards, journey maps, wireframes, mockups etc.
  • Collaborative design methods to engage diverse stakeholders
  • Human-centered design to create inclusive tools
  • Context-sensitive design to consider the environment of deployment
  • Open source design tools
  • Hands-on design session with a feedback cycle built in to get preliminary feedback on your work.

I encourage others who have experience in this space to contribute thoughts on how we might effectively put together such a workshop. Alternatively, If you have topics you want included or specific things you’d like to learn, post a reply, let me know! Since I’d be putting together this workshop from scratch for GOAT 2018, there is a lot of room for me to tailor it to our community interests and needs.

Participants will be asked to come prepared with either a project they are currently working on or even just an idea they wish to realize. The goal is to have an idea of something that you can work on through the course of the workshop.

To indicate interest: post a reply or :heart: this post.


I would especially like to see the programs and tools you prefer in the design toolchain, especially those that are open source. Building those toolchains of programs --> formats --> outputs can be super time consuming!