Would you host a UK Farmhack Sub-forum?

Hi we just had a #Farmhack event in Wales (UK) there was a need identified for a forum to continue our Farmhack conversations.

We’re into Open source tech, we’re building sensor networks, open source Ag robots etc etc.

Here is some info about the event we just held:

Do you think we could have a category here to use?

If so could we send invites out to our email list to that category?



@gbathree Would this be possible do you think?

Hi @sam_uk - I think that would be great! There is also the forum that exists already on farmhack.org - would that be a better fit? I also seem to remember @dornawcox toying around with the idea of moving that forum over to here. So perhaps this could be a first step.

@dornawcox - thoughts?

@mstenta great stuff.

The Farmhack site is useful as a Wiki, but I feel the forum software is a bit 2010.

Personally I think it would be great to build a larger community here with the nice shiny Discourse interface.

hey all, I am in China right now with no computer only phone, so I can’t do it but I think this would be a fine place for a farmhack forum. maybe Mike could create a new category so you could link it in on your site?

Sounds good! I set up a new top-level category: http://forum.goatech.org/c/farmhack

Do you want me to create a Farm Hack UK subtopic for regional discussion, event planning, etc? Or should we wait and see how much activity the general group gets?

We should post on http://farmhack.org/forum to tell folks over there that this forum exists now too.

Now if we REALLY wanted to go the full nine yards, we would import the farmhack.org Drupal forum into this new Discourse forum. That would have to be for someone with more time than me, though. If that person exists, this link might help: https://meta.discourse.org/t/migrating-to-discourse-from-another-forum-software/16616


Oh great, thanks for this @mstenta @gbathree.

Im helping out with some follow up from the event.in Wales. Was wondering if its possible to be promoted so i can use the Discourse invite functionality to smoothly invite people into the Farmhack group? @mstenta @gbathree

@Darren I upgraded your status to member - this should allow you to invite other users into topics now!

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Thanks for that @mstenta, checked things out and it looks like I can only invite one person at a time.

I’m admin of another discourse and there have the option to invite a whole list of email addressees. Was hoping I may be able to do that here?. There were 50+ people at the event and tmwe were thinking to invite them all. My previous experience is that its unlikely all would come here to have a look about.

Not sure what user ‘power level’ I’d need to have to be able to do this. Alternatively maybe I could send someone a list to do the inviting for us?