2022.11.16: GOAT 2022 Digestion Session - FULL HOUR

Your trusty GOAT 2022 herders (@sudokita @laurieWayne @gbathree @jgaehring @julietnpn) would like to lead a GOAT digestion session!

We hope many of you who attended GOAT 2022 will come to this first community call. Together we will look back on what unfolded, assess where we find ourselves 6 weeks later, and consider what our trajectory is. If you can’t make it, keep an eye on the associated forum post for notes and updates. Also consider completing the following two surveys that we’ll review during the call.

  • COVID-19 survey. We hope you will fill out this SurveyStack about their COVID-19 experience if you attended GOAT 2022, regardless of whether you received a positive test. When filling out the survey please refrain from submitting identifiable information! We want the data set to be anonymous and open for use by us and anybody in the general public interested in these kinds of things.

  • GOAT feedback survey. If you’re willing to provide feedback about GOAT 2022 (:pray:) we ask that you do so via the Feedback Survey. It’s a long survey, but none of the questions are required, so you can skip over questions that don’t connect with you and provide feedback on the ones that do! We’ll share the results of any and all feedback we get at a future GOAT Community Call.

Our target outcomes are (the start of) the GOAT 2022 Report (see GOAT 2018 Report) and a Community To-Do List (see 2018 To-Do List).

If there is something you’d like to discuss say so here and we’ll incorporate it.

Date: November 16, 2022 at 12pm ET
Topic: GOAT 2022 Digestion Session
Who should come? Attendees of GOAT 2022, People who are interested in the GOAT 2022 Report, People interested in Community Organizing.
Time expectations: Full Hour
Location: Gathering of the Herds: GOAT Meeting Space
Calendar event: 2022-11-16T17:00:00Z2022-11-16T18:00:00Z



Thank you @julietnpn! Looking forward to seeing all the Good GOATs again! Herd, please ping me if you would like a Google calendar invite to remind you or whateverrrrr. Baaa. :goat:

Great reconnecting with many of you today! I have a request, following up on some of what we discussed:

Can we create a new high level category here on Discourse focused on general GOAT Community Building? There doesn’t seem to be a good fit at the moment.

I know its hard enough to herd us together for the occasional GOAT, but some of us seem to also want a COAT (Community for Open Ag Tech).


Or maybe just PJs when we’re connecting virtually :wink:

I’m thinking we turn the Community Calls category to the Community Building category and then make community calls a tag? Thoughts?

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