GOAT To Do List

Ya’ll signed up for a bunch of stuff and that makes my heart happy. Below is the full list in the order they were mentioned. I’ve grouped a couple that are related by person or topic.

If you have already started or already done your thing, awesome! If you don’t remember signing up for something, want to join something, or add moar, do it!

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@willszal Set up the Google drive. Here is the forum post: Share Your Photos

Add your photos there!

I had to leave the conference very early, so my interpretation of these items might be a bit off. That said, you can add me to:

  • Governance
  • Catalog of projects
  • Ag sensor kit
  • Design WG

A suggestion for an additional item: University partnerships. I am planning to teach an ag hardware prototyping class at NYU next spring. The idea is to connect students to farmers and researchers, and have them iterate solutions to practical problems over the course of the semester. We’ll have access to a 30-acre test farm where we can test work as necessary. I’d love to get more universities on board with this, either at a graduate or undergraduate level. I’m still turning the idea over in my head, so ideas are welcome.


Existing catalog of projects is here:

Regarding the “contact cards,” should we not use the information we provided when we registered for goat? Or do we need to have a second “opt-in” data collection process?

Added you to the relevant pieces as well as the university partnerships action item :slight_smile:

I’d be really excited to see if we can develop curricula or even partial-course syllabi that address open ag tech. Things that educators may use in their courses. Or mechanisms to bring GOATpeople to come chat about their work. I gave a guest lecture last night and your idea of clearer university partnerships was following me around! Do any materials exist to work off of? Or should we try put together an open access course on ag tech?

Added link :slight_smile:

I just put my “Introduction” post into my profile but am not sure how effective it is as a means to communicate what I do/have/can contribute. A second opt-in data collection process might be a good idea but figuring out where such information goes and how to have it searchable without necessarily recreating LinkedIn(!) will be important.

@willszal & @mstenta I can’t create a folder in the drive to upload photos - are there any permissions limitations in place?

Different programs will have different formats for such a class, but I think a suggested reading list would be valuable to all classes. Most technologists haven’t a clue how a farm works, so I think a decent list could be compiled out of introductory texts.

(xpost from RIOT)

(after checking in), a minor reorg of the google drive has occurred. I wanted to share some text I put together so the folder “Goat2018 Photos” --> Goat2018.

Inside you will find your photos are in a photos folder.

There is folder called The Goat Report containing this text for your input and amusement: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15e36InIOL2A1t00vMlC2u8wvz27lNqNmgxOY6WT-rzw/edit

There’s a folder for your slides in case you want to share (we’ve put the setting the tone day 3 slides there) and I’ve also uploaded the GOAT logo in case you want to make all of the stickers.

The Goatscape document will also reside here shortly.

Three Slide Summary:
Is currently in the GOAT Report Folder on the Google Drive.
Also link here --> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YQ5kDseCE5ZomiUgm7BF4cm-bmVkaHoFtuhwSUt_rPk/edit#slide=id.g3ad03bb083_0_19

The slides are complete with sweet pie chart of all the technologies we discussed on our “Goatscape” google sheet! But actually, I’d be very happy to have feedback / editing help / a read on “is this even helpful??” “are these colors terrible??” “pie charts are the worst” – I usually am much better at designing slides, I promise. But I wanted to get this done kinda quick just to get a sense from the community if this was a helpful direction. Feel free to comment in google slides directly :slight_smile:

A little silly, but I made a favicon + logos that have now been inserted into the forum. Refresh yo pages! (Also if you want to use them in other things, they are in the assets folder in the GOAT2018)

Hi everyone, I’ve created a little blog post based off the GOAT report.

Please preview it here: http://goatech.org/2018/07/22/the-goat-report/ (pwd: goat), and let me know if you
a) have any major issues, or
b) don’t want your photo up :slight_smile:

I’ll give folks till 8am ET, Tuesday, July 24 2018, to respond, at which point it will go public. Thanks!

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