2022.12.21 Community Call - Budgets, Websites, EcoFarm

Date: 2022-12-21T17:00:00Z
Topic: Community Call!
Who should come? Everybody.
Time expectations: see below
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room.

Proposed Agenda Items (feel free to add):

In the GOAT herders chat @paul121 and @chrowe have been talking website and forum overhauls. @sudokita, @gbathree, and @jgaehring have worked on this over the last year and so can provide definitive insights on progress made.

We have a bit over $11k left in the GOAT 2022 open collective. This money was earmarked for a number of potential things and we want the community to provide definitive input on where it goes. Please come to voice your preferences on how it is spent!

Several GOATS (@AmberS , @laurieWayne , @paul121 ) will be representing GOAT at Eco Farm in January. They could use our help in pulling together service-based resources and rep your project in return.


Meeting Notes:

Attendees: @jgaehring, @AmberS, @sezuco, @laurieWayne, Shefali, @jtwood, @paul121, @chrowe, @julietnpn

Regarding Website and Forum migrations:

  • Paul’s main desire is to get HTTPS up and going.
  • Ankita said before hand: I’m down to finish up the migrations this winter - I’ll set aside some time to do this and then send a proper update on the forum/here so that everyone knows where things are at. I have the digital ocean account and the current site is in a WP docker container there. Forum too. the domain was done by dave and I know the https issue was still open last we checked. Ideally we have funding for all this infrastructure (I had put this on the budget wishlists way back when)
  • Need access to DNS (name cheap)
  • Lets aim to get to https as soon as possible, in time for EcoFarm
  • Paul, please take lead on SSL stuff through Digital Ocean (lets encrypt, or that hands off load balancer approach).
  • Paul will look to see how we can link Digital Ocean up to open collective. Jamie will help.
  • Load balancer will be able to support the forum ssl / https too.

Eco Farm:

  • Laurie, Paul, and Amber are going to Eco Farm, hoping to reach out to farmers and farmer supporting organizations, and spread open source gospel either as users of or contributors to our tools.
  • Juliet Norotn, Jennifer Wood, Elizabeth V, are also going
  • Hope to get OS folks who aren’t already aware of GOAT involved
  • FarmOS, Coffee Shop, and OFN demo booth
  • GOAT banner
  • Booth costs $1800, hotel rooms, admisison. Please pitch in via OC if you can spare! Open Source at Eco-Farm - Open Collective
  • OS collective is contributing $250


  • Sienna Zuco and Alex from Wolfe’s neck are going, Vic and Greg from OurSci are going, and Shefali is interested in going.
  • Lancaster in February
  • ONline component, pay what you can, in January
  • Sienna will post in GOAT Forum about PASA to elicit more interest

Marketing Materials:

  • Hire a person to support flyer formation, and gather materials on behalf of GOAT
  • There is a person in mind who does a lot of volunteer work with OFT, BFA, OurSci
  • $40/hr - 10 hours/week for about 3 weeks + cost of materials.
  • Rachel will have to invoice GOAT 2022 Conference OC.
  • Amber, Sienna and Rachel will get the ball running, then distribute to the community for feedback.
  • Distributing to community for feedback is a requirement.
  • Ensure all digital assets are open access.
  • Juliet can help send out on all the platforms if needed.

GOAT Budget:

  1. Our balance is: $11,099.76. According to our original fundraising goals, the remainder of the budget was slotted to be used for: - T-shirts for all attendees ($900), stipend for elections/community steward ($2500/ea), stipend for uncompensated pre-post conf organizers (i.e., those that don’t recoup costs in their regular job like Ankita and I do) ($2,500/ea), website for 1 year ($150), and then a gift to Omega at an unspecified amount.

  2. Finally, we do have one person who is eating $1486.00 in plane tickets to GOAT because the OC reimbursement didn’t land in his account. And so we will also want to discuss approving a second payment to that person.

  3. Tee-shirts: Lets move forward - get it designed by Rachel, Distribute on Bon-fire, use the $900 to offset cost for those who attended GOAT 2022.

  4. Does OurSci want to maintain the relationship? For now, Dan T is open to doing this, but we should periodically check back in, especially before starting a large new funding campaigns (like a conference). For now, the goal is to spend as much $ in GOAT 2022 Conference account as possible so its not taxed extra or something.