What does a GOAT Community Steward do?

On our monthly community call today, we discussed the idea of a paid part-time role for a GOAT Community Steward, who would facilitate ongoing organizing efforts. There’s no specific plan to put this into effect just yet, and we will certainly do a call for comments and get a consensus before making any decisions, but for now it would be helpful to just have a list we can refer to in the future, so we’re not scratching our heads trying to remember that thing we all said would be REALLY helpful like 6 months ago, etc.

  • Answer general questions about the GOAT community and/or forward questions to other members who might know
  • Regularly update the GOAT Community Calendar (Google) with upcoming events
  • Help out with managing OpenCollective reimbursements, or questions people might have.
  • Forum moderation (especially for the many messages that Discourse eagerly flags as spam, which are usually just new users or people who don’t post much :roll_eyes:)

Ok, that’s just the top of my head, but the hope is that others here will have even more suggestions, so please comment below!

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