2023.02.15 9 am PT Community Call - Third Wednesday Each Month

Date: Feb 15, 2023
Time: 9am-10am PT (12pm-1pm ET)
Topic: GOAT Monthly Community Call
Who should come? Everybody, and especially folks who just learned about us!
Time expectations: 1 hour.
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT

Agenda (this is a wiki, so edit it!)

  • GOAT conference booth bonanza! - shall we use the lonely GOAT calendar to reflect this?
    • Report out on Eco Farm 2023
    • Report out on PASA 2023
    • Up Next: Indiana Small Farms Conference
    • Forming a conference booth protocol / plan - this folder is a start
  • Schedule Movie Night - Space Ship Earth
    • Proposed dates: Feb 17 or March 17
    • Should we strike the standing social hour?
  • Conference T shirt update
  • Discourse (forum) updated!
  • GOAT coop? maybe schedule another time to discuss?
  • Grants and student internships (followup with @sudokita)
  • Round table updates


Meeting Notes:

  • @AmberS @paul121 @laurieWayne Went to EcoFarm to rep GOAT and the tools they personally rep (farmOS, Soil Stack, Survey Stack, Coffee Shop, Open Food Network). They got to learn how to use and demo each others tools, which was super amazing form a community stand point.
    • There is a box of resources that is shipped around
    • There is also a google drive that has materials that can be reprinted, including logos, flyers, stickers, etc.
    • And a doc that explains how to talk about GOAT tools
  • PASA 2023 @gbathree and @victoriacox demoed OFN, OurSci tools, etc.
    • Some conversation ask Ankita for notes
  • Indiana Small Farms Conference is next
    • Greg to send to Ankita
  • Open Questions:
    • how do we re-up supplies?
    • For Ecofarm, we did 250 rack cards are left
    • Stickers we did 100 because they weren’t great quality in the crunch period
    • SO after each conference we need to say, what is low?
    • This should happen in a doc / forum post. Possibly create a closing protocol, print it, and include it in the box.
  • We should all just be a good conference box shepherd and think about what needs to be done.
  • Potential future conferences:
    • MOSES, NOFA Vermont, MOFGA, CA Small Farm Conference
    • Sam made a spreadsheet for tracking, thought it sounds like others are thinking about putting it else where.
  • Laurie is hosting a MOVIE NIGHT on March 17. The movie is Space Ship Earth.
    • 3 Pacific / 6 Eastern
  • Strike the social call
  • Tee Shirts
  • Updated Discourse, which was relatively complicated. Not enough disk space, needed to update docker, etc. It should be easier in the future. We were able to upgrade our storage space to 50 gigs for free. Cleaned up docker log files. Needs to be fixed for long term so they rotate.
    • if admins say we need to update things, we should be able to do so by just clicking the button.
  • Make the next call - GOAT COOP.
    • Folks interested in COOP need to meet ahead of this and get the ball rolling. The next community call will be about engaging the broader community.
  • FUNDING and student internships:
  • If you are INTERESTED in having one or more student interns that are paid, but you don’t have to pay, just MENTOR, let @sudokita know. She’s aiming to set up infrastructure for this, and needs interested community partners.
  • Elizabeth wants to see how it can connect to the project in Fresno.
  • Paul can also share farmOS experience in engaging in google summer of code
  • John wrote a review of the conference. He stuck it on the forum. Please give him feedback.
    • Let him know if he made some bad assumptions, or if its poorly written in some areas. Respond to the forum, or contact him directly.
    • Laurie will also suggest the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development which has a “grassroots” section!

Chat excerpt just for fun:
[08:58] Welcome to Gathering of the Herds: GOAT Meeting Space!Dial in number is (34)932208649.SIP dial in URI is 309817102@sip.de.meet.coop.Confrence PIN is 89502.Dial in support is being piloted. See forums for details.This service is provided by The Online Meeting Co-operative.

[09:04] Ankita!: What were some of the more surprising/serendipitous interactions you may have had?
[09:07] Paul W: “rack cards” !!
[09:07] mstenta: What about 5 min video demos for each tool?
[09:07] mstenta: pre-recorded
[09:07] mstenta: (or even 1 minute)
[09:07] mstenta: could even put them all in a loop on repeat

[09:10] mstenta: We recently made a “Jobs Board” on the farmOS forum - maybe something similar on GOAT forum?
[09:11] Paul W: GOAT office/support hour?
[09:11] Jamie (he/him): don’t put humans in the box!

[09:14] Ankita!: Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology - Open Collective
[09:15] Ankita!: See example: GOAT booth costs at 2023 Pasa Conference - Open Collective
[09:15] mstenta: Open Food Network USA - Open Collective
[09:15] mstenta: farmOS - Open Collective
[09:15] Open Food Network USA: Open Source at Eco-Farm - Open Collective

[09:20] Paul W: I was going to say - our experience with Open Source Collective fiscal host for farmOS seems to have been much easier than being our own… likely worth the 5% ?? :slight_smile:
[09:20] Paul W: GIF is a nice idea.
[09:22] Juliet: DID the lego set up get used at PASA?
[09:22] Sienna Zuco: yes it did!
[09:22] Juliet: <3

[09:22] Juliet: That was Paul’s doing
[09:22] Sienna Zuco: the pasa conference was very kid friendly and they loved it
[09:22] Sienna Zuco: such a good idea!
[09:22] Elizabeth Vaughan: Ankita - I’d be interested
in seeing your presentation !

[09:24] Sienna Zuco: where are we holding the digital files again? like should folks upload their orgs documents there?
[09:24] Ankita!: Conferences and Road Shows - Google Drive
[09:24] mstenta: Usually the more you get, the cheaper they are too
[09:24] mstenta: Planning ahead… :slight_smile:
[09:25] mstenta: We’ve used makestickers.com for the farmOS stickers in the past… not sure if it’s the “best” option, but it was pretty simple. And it has a “Reorder” feature, so we were able to quickly order more.
[09:25] Juliet: We need to print a closing protocol, which instructs us to update it.
[09:25] Juliet: And put that in the box
[09:26] mstenta: farmOS inventory module? :joy:
[09:26] Juliet: lol
[09:27] Amber: Yes!!

[09:29] Ankita!: MOSES
[09:29] Samuel: NOFA Vermont also next week
[09:29] Juliet: Not bad form!
[09:29] Samuel: MOFGA
[09:29] Elizabeth Vaughan: we do ours every year in late Feb-early March https://casmallfarmconference.sched.com/
[09:30] Samuel: Upcoming conferences 2023 - Google Sheets

[09:30] Samuel: Here is a sheet we could use
[09:32] mstenta: Maybe also worth asking for free booth space! Since we are non-profit (basically), there may be justification. When I was working on a grant with PASA they let me have a booth for free (2020 confernece)
[09:33] mstenta: Never hurts to ask
[09:33] Elizabeth Vaughan: ours would be free. It would just be getting to fresno

[09:35] Ankita!: OH OH I have another agenda item pls
[09:36] Ankita!: Grant opportunity + student internships
[09:40] chrowe: https://worxprinting.coop/
[09:41] Jamie (he/him): GOAT stop-n-swap

[09:41] Jamie (he/him): woohoo!!! bravo Chris!!!
[09:42] Ankita!: Thank you for being a non-delinquent cyberadmin

[09:47] Open Food Network USA: Juliet is always right!!!
[09:47] Juliet: lol, my 8 year old would tell you otherwise

[09:49] Ankita!: Pathways to Enable Open-Source Ecosystems (POSE) | NSF - National Science Foundation

[09:52] Juliet: CAN we make POSE Community Call in April? Seems like a good time to get a ball rolling
[09:52] Ankita!: for sure!
[09:52] Ankita!: I wanted to figure out sloan first then graduate to POSE if that helps

[09:55] Paul W: I’d be happy to share more about our Google Summer of Code experience. TLDR: It was good, and now the student is being contracted to do farmOS work with our dev Pedro in Spain. But the project management was a good amount of work, and we would need funding for the project managers.
[09:56] Paul W: Also our GSOC was managed by Drupal. You do need that “organization” to do GSOC and I don’t think farmOS could do it alone. Having GOAT host that would be cool!

[09:56] Elizabeth Vaughan: https://centralvalleycf.org/community-impact/f3-fresno-merced-future-of-food/

[09:58] Ankita!: YESSSSSS I was hoping you’d talk about this John
[09:59] John Bliss: Feedback comments on article about GOAT 2022
[09:59] Sienna Zuco: I will definitely make time to review this and add comments/feedback!
[09:59] Jamie (he/him): +1 for nagging / tagging / @'ing
[09:59] Open Food Network USA: what a fantastic title John!!!
[09:59] Ankita!: I recently read through it and would love to contribute. I had some ideas on when to send it
[10:01] Open Food Network USA: I will also suggest the JJournal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development which has a “grassroots” section!
[10:01] Juliet: boooo spam, except when yum.
[10:01] Ankita!: https://foodtechconnect.com/
[10:01] Open Food Network USA: Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
[10:02] Jamie (he/him): oh or maybe FERN

[10:02] Paul W: So nice to see everyone!!
[10:02] Samuel: Thanks for facilitating Juliet!


For a moment, I thought we were going to read Kenneth Boulding’s The economics of the coming spaceship earth or Bucky’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth!


It’s related!!! :hearts: :earth_americas:

I was just panicking b/c I thought I might have missed this! Phew! Glad I didn’t, but it took me a moment to find this. @laurieWayne, can I help add it to the calendar and/or post something specific for it in a separate topic?

I believe Laurie is travelling, but I added this to the GOAT Google Calendar for now:

Dunno if those links will work, but if you’re already subscribed you should see it.


Yep! I see it in my calendar app, so it should show for others too. :slight_smile:

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