Talkin' Open Ag Tech Coop Blues 🎶

After the last community call, I said I’d bump one of our old topics about cooperatives or start a new one to reboot the discussions that got going at GOAT 2022. Then the eager beaver I am I just went ahead and created a whole separate category for it whoops!

Specifically, we had a vibrant conversation about “GOAT as a Coop” that I and many others would like to continue, but I’d also love this to be a pretty broad space to discuss coops more generally, like what coops are people already a part of or working with, do folks have any questions about starting and joining one, can you share any hard-learned lessons or organizing strategies, etc.

Oh, and just for background, @samuejao took AMAZING notes (while also facilitating in superb fashion!) during that evening session in the Omega Cafe, where the whole “GOAT as a Coop” concept originally took shape. Rereading it just got me really pumped about this stuff again, personally, and I imagine it’s a good place to get caught up if you couldn’t make it or are just joining us now:

In addition to adding coops to the agenda for the March community call (should we start a topic for that?), it could be fun to schedule a separate time if people really want to get into the weeds about this stuff, preferably before the March call. That way we can try to distill those reflections down to something more concrete we can present to the rest of community. If you’re interested, let’s pick a time and place!

I also want to ping a few folks on the forum here like @3wordchant, @kylebirchard, @Rohan (and others as I think of them), who I haven’t heard from in a while and I think might take interest. Plus this can be a place to point people from other parts of the interwebs who would be great to include. For instance, the many lovely people over here:

Speaking of, is there a GOAT Mastodon account yet? If we don’t, should we make one over on the server?


Thanks for nudging us on this Jamie. I am excited to dig into this conversation again.

I would be into a call anytime this Thursday, or most mornings EST or later evenings EST next week.

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Awesome, maybe next Wed evening, 2023-03-09T00:00:00Z then?

I am swapping over to a Pacific time work schedule next week so it would have to be closer to 9pm EST :confused:
Or before noon EST?

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Oh, sure, maybe 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific? Are you yourself on Pacific time, or just accommodating west coast colleagues? I certainly have no problem w/ earlier, since I don’t know of any west coasters attending as of yet.

Is there a when 2 meet kind of thing brewing for this / have ya’ll settled on a time?

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No, nothing settled. So far, I don’t know of others who are interested, besides @samuejao, and possibly @3wordchant and @ircwaves, but I’m sure I’d know better if I’d put up a scheduling survey to start. So here’s a lettuce meet:

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Thanks Jamie!

Yes - for now I am still in Montreal but working on PST schedule.

I have added my times to the list. For now I cant meet during work day, but could have some flexibility in the following weeks.

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Cool! Well, like I said in the lettuce meet description, there’s LOTS of stuff to talk about, but really I think we just need to scope out what all that is, and not necessarily dive into any of it, so perhaps we can aim to keep this call brief, like 20-30 min (famous last words).

Is it a cop-out if I schedule two half-hour-ish calls, to accommodate everyone? I’ll make sure I’m present for both, but others shouldn’t feel compelled to attend both. Again, mostly this is just to bullet point the salient issues so we can have a more coherent and directed discussion at the next community call.

Here’s the two I just put into the calendar:

  • 2023-03-06T19:00:00Z2023-03-06T19:25:00Z
  • 2023-03-08T01:00:00Z2023-03-08T01:25:00Z

Then people can show up to whichever they prefer. Jitsi room info below.

Join the meeting:

To join by phone instead, tap this: +1.512.647.1431,2250486860#

Looking for a different dial-in number?
See meeting dial-in numbers: Jitsi Meet

If also dialing-in through a room phone, join without connecting to audio: Jitsi Meet

Blah, I think I may have muddied the waters too much with this one. I just sent out a specific invite for tmw evening’s 8pm EST call for those who said they could make it, according to the poll, but let me know if there is a better time to reschedule the meeting from today! cc’ing @nedhorning @sudokita since I don’t believe the Tue 8pm time worked for y’all, in case you want to chat at a separate time.


GOAT Coop Session Blues

Participants: Jamie, Calix, Juliet, Paul, Samuel
Scribe: Samuel

Executive summary

Jamie proposed a huddle for people interested in coops and the conversations that emerged from GOAT to discuss possible next steps. The meeting was attended by Juliet, Jamie, Calix, Paul and Samuel. The group had an informal discussion thinking through how best to reactivate the conversation on coops and how to invite people into larger more participatory sessions. It was decided that the notes from the After Hours coop session (as well as coop sculpture session and coop resources) would be adapted and placed in a Miro board. Juliet worked on building a prototype of this.

The group decided that it would also be good to have an ice-breaker or rapid fire session where people could present a coop or a project that they knew. This ‘get to know a coop’ would happen after the intro/context piece. Calix suggested we ask people to connect the coop they present to the work or vision of GOAT.

In discussions of desired outcomes or next steps the group thought it was better to leave it open to see what emerged from the conversation. Samuel proposed that there could also be a series of guest presentations about coops and it was decided that these could be at the intro or ending of each meeting (possible 10-20 minutes each). For the upcoming meeting it was decided that there would also be a prompt at the end of the for people to propose or vote on topics or coops of interest.

Format/agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  • Intro: General context - Jamie
  • Quick round: ‘Get to know a coop’ - Calix
  • Collaborative Miro session - Juliet
  • Goals for a GOATY coop - Juliet
  • Prompts for the next meeting - Paul

Action Items:

Full Notes here :spiral_notepad:

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I was sad to have missed this. I have had really bad availability lately. Read the notes, though.

Interested in the approach to survey coops. Would like to know specifically what I could do to help make that happen. Hope to join next discussion.


If you are able next Wed 3/15 at 12pm Eastern, we’ll be dedicating most of the community call to coop stuff. Otherwise, any time you have the capacity, yours will be a welcome voice in the conversation, so no rush on that front. :relaxed: