2024.06.24 GOAT Community Call

GOAT Monthly Community Call, 26 June 2024 – Rescheduled!

Date: June 26, 2024 – Rescheduled from 6/19!
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT

Agenda - pls add, this is a wiki!

  1. Spin up Community Stewardship Strategy working group: GOAL #2 in 2023 11th hour Proposal
  2. 2024 Conference Update
  3. New website ideas



Conference Update

  • Week of November 4:
  • Waiting for final invoice number
  • Unconference + Structured time
  • Survey: What do people want to see at the conference

New person joined Liz, working with farm hack.

Website Working Group

  • Paul is the lead in the proposal, but not confirmed as tech lead.
  • Website building workflow - free, or low cost
  • Not using any servers. Static markdown files
  • Current website is Wordpress
  • Proposal: Use a different strategy to manage the website.
  • This markdown

Vic’s Strategy:

Next Steps:

  • Convert existing website to this format.
  • Pages will be hard to bring into the Markdown format (most likely)
  • Re-design versus a re-create - we’re acknowledging that the new paradigm might benefit or require a redesign /organization of the.

QUestions about governance of these working groups - who do we create leads,w hat are the leads

Website working group is starting:

  • Paul and Vic and Anna


  • Juliet

Community Stewardship Strategy:

  • Lead and Co-lead for each topic
  • Those folks pull their logistics out of the community call
  • Community calls reduce to quarterly

Community Stewardship Topics:

  • More programming and topic focus _“How to”
  • Hands on, time for dialog, time to discuss and work through.
  • Programming lead

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[10:59] To invite someone to the meeting, send them this link: https://socialcoop.meet.coop/ope-jnr-zc9-jlw
[11:00] Juliet (she/her): 2024.07.17 Monthly Community Call
[11:04] Juliet (she/her): Community Call - Reschedule to afternoons! - When2meet
[11:06] Jamie G (he/him): hi!
[11:13] Juliet (she/her): Book Club #2 - August 18 @ 7pm ET
[11:16] Vic S-F (they/them): indiana…great place to do a lot of thinking
[11:16] Juliet (she/her): Governing The Commons : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
[11:18] Vic S-F (they/them): Hey Amber! We’re talking about book club
[11:18] Vic S-F (they/them): Also add your preferred meeting times for community calls here! Community Call - Reschedule to afternoons! - When2meet
[11:19] Juliet (she/her): Community Call - Reschedule to afternoons! - When2meet
[11:19] Juliet (she/her): BOOK CLUB: What are you reading this Summer? - #18 by jgaehring
[11:20] Vic S-F (they/them): i took notes >:)
[11:21] Juliet (she/her): <3
[11:22] Jamie G (he/him): GOAT Book Club, Session 2: The Commons
[11:22] Jamie G (he/him): Algebraic Semiotics
[11:23] Vic S-F (they/them): love this website design #vintage
[11:24] semra: I think I created a website like that in middle school computer sci class…but I think it had glitter falling from the top :slight_smile:
[11:24] Vic S-F (they/them): yeah it needs some blingees but other than that
[11:25] Vic S-F (they/them): omg :‘’''o archiving geocities is so important
[11:29] Jamie G (he/him): “Prof. Dr. Style: Top 10 Web Design Styles of 1993 (Vernacular Web 3)” by Olia Lialina
Prof. Dr. Style
[11:29] Juliet (she/her): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s8D26XdW4bcnmOCNMXqpafxg9sCoEB5kxAcj6WtZ9yw/edit#heading=h.l4vye62ez9hf
[11:30] Jamie G (he/him): also if you like rad 90s websites you gotta checkou Lialina’s home page:
[11:34] Vic S-F (they/them): yessss
[11:35] Juliet (she/her): 2024.06.24 GOAT Community Call - #2 by julietnpn
[11:39] Vic S-F (they/them): oops also i have to jump early but THANK YOU GOATS!!!
[11:40] Jamie G (he/him): Comms Standing Committee?