Attending/Exhibiting at the Regenerate Conference

Hi everyone,
I am planning to attend and maybe exhibit on behalf of Our Sci at the Regenerate Conference in Santa Fe, NM Nov 1st-3rd. Is there any interest in in making this a GOAT sponsored visit/exhibit? We would be looking for some financial support as well as knowledge sharing on your current projects that are relevant for this conference.

Here is the breakdown of costs:

  • Attend for $350 or Exhibit for $750
  • Airfare: $200
  • Rental Car: $300
  • Hotel: $425
  • Time: $960

If we make this a GOAT sponsored visit/exhibit then I can use the current GOAT conference materials (banner, flyers and stickers). I will also meet individually with each group that wants to help sponsor the visit/booth to understand your current projects and initiatives. I will represent your project as best I can with attendees at the conference and I can hand out any supporting materials or brochures you provide. The Goal would be to increase awareness about GOAT and create connections between sponsoring GOAT members and potential partners at the conference.

Let me know if you are interested!

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Conference Season is officially upon us!! It’s time to start spreading the GOSPEL OF GOATTM!!

Is this a chance to break out the Conference Box?

Definitely a chance to update app descriptions in the google doc and to look at and tune up the contents of the folder where such things live.

If you have a solution you want to spread the word about, please take this opportunity!

@sudokita has the box. She’s using it on 10/13 for a global food security and nutrition networking @ Purdue. She will then send it to either Amber for Regenerate (11/1) or I for CAFF (11/7-8).

She will inventory the box and fill out the spreadsheet.

She will need to know by 10/14 if OurSci + Other GOATS will be exhibiting at Regenerate. :slight_smile:

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