FHTV 2019 flame weeder build project

This is the inspiration for the flame burner wheelbarrow.

I propose buying two of these four hesded roofers torches and constructing a frame for them to sit on and holders for two gas bottles in the wheelbarrow. Also I need to create a hood over the area being flamed to increase efficiency of the burn.
Any suggestions or ideas gratefully received. Becca

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Great job this will go along way to help farmers and reduce stress.

I also saw a version of this Neversink flamer that looked pretty neat, hoping to have something along there lines to bring along.

JM Fortier is a very divisive figure but he’s written a nice piece about flame weeders (with some pics of what he uses) here: https://farmlink.net/the-flame-weeder/

Looking at your plans for a wheelbarrow mounted weeder @becs4trees -

The roofers torches look like a great start. I think you should be able to.run two torches from one bottle… You’d need to get a T to join the pipes together and make sure you have a regulator with a big enough flow rate to supply enough gas for all eight burners, but it should make things easier than having to mount and operate two bottles.

Guess you also wouldnt necessarily need the handle/triggers.

A quick search turned up a few p’aces that may be good to supply and could help with selection of parts. I imagine there are others also


This place appeared a bit expensive but does sell individual components and looks like they all screw together

I checked out about getting the metal we talked about on the phone.
Theres a big pile of corrugated iron sheet I can select something from

Theres also a pile of iron profile (angle iron, lengths of C section) I should be able to get something from

If you let me know the rough size of what you may want I’ll dig some bits out for you.

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I have sourced an old wheelbarrow and have measured up the beds.

From the middle of one wheeling to another is 190cm
The area being flame weeded is 100cm in the middle of the bed.
I think for now I will buy just one multi head flame torch and once we have figured out how to attach it to a frame coming off a wheelbarrow then I can buy the other one.


Hello Becca,
I’m wondering if you can tell me where you were able to get the 4-headed flame torch? The only one I can find is one in the UK that does not mail to the United States. I can’t find an 4 headed torch anywhere online in the US…

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