Farm Hack Thames Valley 2019 - Call for Contributions

Farm Hack is back…

How to get involved in FHTV2019
16th - 18th August 2019
You can join us at the event and/or participate remotely, probably mainly prior to the event, by helping with the organisation or promotion of the event or getting involved on this forum with collaboratively developing the designs for the builds.

We’ve got a packed program shaping up. Looks like we are going to have three streams-

  • Theres going to be a number of projects being built during the weekend.
  1. Flame weeder
  2. Cooking stove that produces biochar
  3. Vacuum seeder
  4. Solar water heater
  • Space for folks to bring up problems or early stage ideas so groups can form to start discussing and working on designs for a solution
  • Demonstrations of tools and/or skills people have developed.

Tickets for the weekend are now on sale: click for details!

We look forward to collaborating with you.


Just to clarify we’ll have 240v power too

Hi All. When visiting Tyddyn Teg cooperative during 2018 LWA AGM I saw a wheelbarrow re-purposed into a flame weeder. The gas bottle sat in between the handles (the bucket had been removed) and a strut went across at a 90 degree angle from the wheel of the wheelbarrow to another wheel the other side of the bed with flame jets along the strut. This meant that you could walk in the path whilst flame weeding the bed and you could make it to fit your bed size. Hopefully the picture attached makes some sense.

All the best


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Hi Becca,

Yeah, I remember that - seemed it would take all the effort/hassle out of scorching weeds to death! Do you want to come and prototype it?



Yes that would be good. I don’t know how to weld but am up for learning.

All the best


Awesome! I’ll PM you to sort out the details.


I saw that too, it was great! Here’s a photo

I’ve been planning to work on a design and make some TLUD (top lit up draught) stoves. For cooking and making biochar to add to my compost heap.

I’ve previously made a few stoves-

one that made biochar and had an open source design.

As part of I was involved in the build of a pair of Champion TLUD stoves.

The TLUD I’d like to build would have no/minimal welding, have a longer burn time, and make more biochar than these champion TLUDs


I’d quite like to build a vacuum seeder. Seems fairly straightforward.

Another build:


I’ve changed the first post in this topic (which is Garethes’) into a wiki post and edited it to reflect the current state of affairs as I understand it. Its now open so anyone can edit it and keep it updated. Currently its linked from the ticket sales site as the place to come to get involved with the event

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Thanks @Darren, I’ve added a link back to the ticket website, little recursive but hopefully not too redundant.