GOAT Swag: Vote, GOATs!

The Swag Shop is almost done and you will be able to buy a properly-sized an amazing union made GOAT t-shirt for yourself or your (adult-sized) friends! Remember the fun design?

We also get to offer one other thing:
a trucker-type hat (a nice one in black with white mesh) with the Prateek/Rachel design from the shirts,
Screenshot 2023-05-22 2.03.27 PM (example)

a coffee cup with the design on one side and some words on the other side (or a different picture).
Screenshot 2023-05-22 2.03.12 PM (example)

Both Tshirts and cups are $19.99, fulfilled by Worx Printing Collective. Please vote your option below and reply to this message with your suggestions for the writing/additional picture part on the mug if you think a mug is better than a hat. Please vote/suggest by May 29!

  • Black Trucker Hat with Fun Shirt Design
  • White Coffee Cup with Fun design PLUS words I suggest below
  • White Coffee Cup with Fun Design PLUS picture I provide below
  • None of the above, I already got a GOAT tattoo
  • None of the above, I have a different design idea below

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I think they are all great but look at the captcha I got yesterday! It’s a sign for coffee cup!

Just gettin’ the party started - come on you can do better than that!


I voted for the trucker hat, but I’d like to see it with the smaller text moved or removed, b/c I imagine it won’t work as well at that scale as it does on the t-shirt.

Also kinda curious, what are the hat’s mesh color options?

hI @jgaehring, I bet we could ask Rachel to make a “splat-only” design without text at the bottom. Here are the hat options for the swag store. If there is a combo you love, definitely advocate for that! :billed_cap:

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