2023.06.21 - Community Call - Third Wednesday of Each Month @ 9 am Pacific Time

GOAT Monthly Community Call, 21 Month 2023

Date: June 21, 2023
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT


  1. Collective Decision Making

    • When is it needed? E.g., manifesto, adding things to calendar, etc.
    • Loomio as a voting platform?
    • Example of loomio
  2. GOAT 2024

  3. Western GOAT murmurs

  4. GOAT T-shirt shop (hats and mugs coming eventually maybe)

    • no profits to GOAT but fulfillment by a groovy unionized worker cooperative, that’s worth something!
    • both “unisex” and “femme” styles available
    • feel free to feedback in the forum here



Can’t wait!

I added a recurring event to the GOAT Community Calendar for Runrig’s Open Design Workshops, but wasn’t sure the best way to propose it to the group, opting for “lazy consensus” as I mentioned in the GOAT Herders Matrix room. So I’m glad we’ll be discussing this!

Also, if anyone is interested in making software and other such tools for collective liberation, come to the workshops! I’m still putting together a more concise blurb on what this is all about, but happy to answer questions later today or through other channels.


  • Loomio is cool, might be hard to adopt for new users, discourse might serve the purpose, though may be less secure.

  • Juliet and Paul will work together to set up community decision making around GOAT 2024

  • Runrig - early warning system for co-op to help with work and distribution code. “GLUE code”.

  • Calendar! Calendar – GOAT. Click subscribe link on that page, then hit the plus in the lower right and it prompts to add to your calendar.

  • Paul can help add events if you don’t know how.

  • Regarding what is appropriate,

  • GOAT 2024

    • where, when, who are the priority attendees.
    • what ROLES need to be defined for organizing this? Can we put together a project plan? Can we fundraise to make it happen this time? The reason I’m bringing this up now is I’m concerned people may self-limit scope and reach to avoid overcommitting. I would, anyway :slight_smile:
    • See chat below for details on who’s interested in being involved.
  • Three CAFF events:

    • Production tech field day (this fall)
    • Small farm tech expo - more fluid, Small farm focused, still figuring it out. Possible Western GOAT event that has a clinic and also user testing, etc. First week of March.
    • Tulare Ag Expo (https://www.worldagexpo.com/) - big expo, one small booth
    • Opportunity for webinar ahead of CAFF events.

Here’s the beautiful, beautiful, thrice beautiful chat we made:

[12:00] Welcome to Gathering of the Herds: GOAT Meeting Space!Dial in number is (34)932208649.SIP dial in URI is 309817102@sip.de.meet.coop.Confrence PIN is 86224.Dial in support is being piloted. See forums for details.This service is provided by The Online Meeting Co-operative.
[12:00] To invite someone to the meeting, send them this link: https://socialcoop.meet.coop/ope-jnr-zc9-jlw
[12:02] Sienna Zuco: Hi all! Going to keep my video off as I do some things in the background during today’s meeting!
[12:04] Anna Lynton: Which miro board?
[12:04] Juliet (she/her): 2023.06.21 - Community Call - Third Wednesday of Each Month @ 9 am Pacific Time
[12:04] Jamie (he/him): lookin for the miro board…
[12:04] Anna Lynton: No biggie :stuck_out_tongue:
[12:05] Jamie (he/him): have used Loomio, like it a lot, but can be daunting
[12:05] Jamie (he/him): here’s the coop brainstorm miro board:
Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration
[12:06] Jamie (he/him): not sure where the resources are that Calyx shared there
[12:08] Greg: seems super neat
[12:08] Greg: no
[12:08] Jamie (he/him): we have used Discourse for farmOS proposals and voting
[12:08] Jamie (he/him): I’ll link one
[12:09] Jamie (he/him): oh, we actually have a tag for them:
Topics tagged funding-proposal
[12:10] Jamie (he/him): Discourse does allow voting by people w/ certain rankings based on how long and how much they’ve posted
[12:10] Samuel: Yes, once or so a week
[12:10] Greg: yep
[12:10] Anna Lynton: Yes, couple times a month!
[12:10] Paul: Yep
[12:11] Vic S-F (they/them): few times a month
[12:11] Michael DeChellis: I do visit forum - every day sometimes and every month sometimes :slight_smile:
[12:11] Jamie (he/him): couple times per month
[12:11] Amber: I use it when someone posts in Element that they put something on there
[12:11] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: Maybe 2 times a month?
[12:11] Sienna Zuco: every now and then!
[12:11] Anna Lynton: Agreed Amber
[12:11] Jamie (he/him): +1 for Amber’s point
[12:12] Jamie (he/him): Discourse for content, other media/tools for notifications etc
[12:12] Amber: Laurie posted for a vote here recently - GOAT Swag: Vote, GOATs!
[12:16] Jamie (he/him): https://runrig.org
[12:16] Jamie (he/him): main repo for the design sessions:
GitHub - runrig-coop/open-design-workshops: Project info, design documents and event schedule for Runrig's Open Design Workshops
[12:17] Jamie (he/him): and the early warning system code:
GitHub - runrig-coop/rgo-early-warning-system: An early warning system for Richland Gro-Op to coordinate field health.
[12:17] Greg: I think it’s great, would love to see mroe
[12:17] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: I don’t know how to use the calendar.
[12:17] Paul: If you need help adding events to the calendar please reach out!
[12:17] Samuel: yep
[12:17] Jamie (he/him): I have it on in G Cal too
[12:17] Michael DeChellis: “Suggested events” are really awesome. I haven’t used it that way yet, but will now.
[12:18] Greg: Elizabeth - are you using google calendar? You can add it there by adding the calendar link
[12:18] Jamie (he/him): ah, yea, that’d be great to have in the newsletter too (to Michael’s suggested events idea)
[12:18] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: Also more guidance on what types of things apply to GOAT community. I added my events to the google sheet we created for conferences, etc
[12:18] Paul: Calendar – GOAT
[12:20] Michael DeChellis: Click subscribe link on that page, then hit the plus in the lower right and it prompts to add to your calendar.
[12:20] Jamie (he/him): +1 on that point
[12:22] Michael DeChellis: I use Fantastical with an “optional and fun” calendar view that’s really helpful for filtering community calendars. Then copy events to my actual calendar if I’m going to attend.
[12:22] Michael DeChellis: Maybe instead of a formal process, just guidelines:
[12:22] Samuel: + Jamie. That seems like a good idea. Also maybe a dedicated forum thread?
[12:23] Michael DeChellis: 1) Is it an event where “strangers” from GOAT would be welcome to just show up?
[12:23] Jamie (he/him): yea, I volunteer to write this up as a proposal
[12:23] Jamie (he/him): on the forum that is
[12:23] Samuel: Thanks Jamie
[12:23] Jamie (he/him): ah, yes, and cross-messaging to all platforms would be a good responsibility there too
[12:27] Paul: I would be interested in helping organize in some capacity.
[12:27] Sienna Zuco: yeah, I think bandwidth from me could be low but interested in tag teaming some outreach and engagement to get participants there!!
[12:27] Jamie (he/him): on a scale of 1 - 5 committment for organizing 2024 GOAT I am probably a 2
[12:27] Anna Lynton: Interested in some capacity!
[12:27] greg: I can help, ideally on the parts where I have highest value and less on the other parts
[12:27] Samuel: I think I am interested in being involved in some of the up front planning
[12:28] Michael DeChellis: I’ve been thinking about this - what ROLES need to be defined for organizing this? Can we put together a project plan? Can we fundraise to make it happen this time? The reason I’m bringing this up now is I’m concerned people may self-limit scope and reach to avoid overcommitting. I would, anyway :slight_smile:
[12:28] Samuel: I also think another question of compensating people for organizing
[12:28] Michael DeChellis: I’m interested in helping project organizing/planning.
[12:28] Vic S-F (they/them): I’ve got some capacity to support but not to plan!
[12:29] Jamie (he/him): I am a 5 for helping hand off my chunk of group knowledge, maybe that can be a first step along w/ role mapping
[12:29] greg: But that sure doesn’t prevent others with fundraising ability to raise their hands to help!
[12:29] Michael DeChellis: Sweet - I’ll reach out to her to coordinate a little maybe.
[12:29] Hope: I’m not sure what my availability will be like, but I would like to support in some capacity!
[12:37] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: https://www.worldagexpo.com/
[12:37] greg: Great spots for goat booth!
[12:37] Paul: > World Ag Expo is the largest annual outdoor agricultural exposition with over 1,200 exhibitors and an attendance of more than 100,000 each year.
[12:39] Paul: Yes!
[12:39] Jamie (he/him): what were the dates again?
[12:40] Anna Lynton: Would be interested in seeing if OpenTEAM could join!
[12:40] Michael DeChellis: February 13-15, 2024 • Tulare, CA
[12:40] Michael DeChellis: Yes I think OpenTEAM would be interested.
[12:40] Anna Lynton: Interested in a western goat meetup too :slight_smile:
[12:40] Paul: Roughly how many attendees for Small Farm expo?
[12:41] Juliet (she/her): First week of march - Small Ag Tech Expo + CAFF Conference
[12:42] Juliet (she/her): ^ in freshno
[12:42] Juliet (she/her): fresno*
[12:43] greg: Definitely someone should take the goat booth
[12:43] Samuel: I am interested and will be seeing you at CAFF this weekend Elizabeth :slight_smile:
[12:43] greg: Sure, amber can do it!
[12:44] Michael DeChellis: Add these to the GOAT calendar :slight_smile:
[12:46] Jamie (he/him): ha! yes!
[12:46] Paul: It would be nice to gauge CAFF farmer ↔ GOAT interest leading up/before the event… maybe some virtual meet and greets?
[12:50] Jamie (he/him): it’d be great to record sessions like that (maybe easier to do virtually)
[12:50] Jamie (he/him): I’m gonna make sure to save this chat and post it on the forum, too
[12:50] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: 2024 CA Small Farm Conference RFP
[12:51] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: 2023 Small Farm Innovation Challenge - Community Alliance with Family Farmers
[12:52] Juliet (she/her): GOAT - Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology – Shop | Worx Printing - Worker Owned Union Co-op
[12:53] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: Here is the link for the 2019 Small Farm Tech Expo: Small Farm Tech Expo - Community Alliance with Family Farmers
[12:53] Juliet (she/her): GOAT Swag: Vote, GOATs!
[12:53] Samuel: Thanks for hosting , Juliet. Thanks for the conversation, everyone. I have to jump to another call
[12:54] mstenta: Happy Solstice!
[12:54] Sienna Zuco: Happy solsticeee!!
[12:54] Vic S-F (they/them): :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny:
[12:54] Ravi Bhattarai: Where is GOAT happening this year
[12:55] Vic S-F (they/them): Thanks so much, great to see you all!

and that was “glue code” not “blue code” :stuck_out_tongue:

Blue code would be a chat-bot that only recited nursery rhymes by Andrew Dice Clay.

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