Proposal: GOAT Conveners

I’m very late posting this since last month’s community call, but I promised to post a proposal for a “convener” role to manage the GOAT Community Calendar and generally help to bring people together for special events. I think we identified 3 main responsibilities for this role, to keep it fairly easy-peasy for now:

  1. Adding and updating events to the Google Calendar. They can also field requests from community members to do so, perhaps with some kind of review process, and provide general guidance to members with questions on how to use the calendar.
  2. Managing cross-platform communications for upcoming events, so that people across various channels, like the various rooms in the GOAT Matrix Space and the GOAT Signal Group, have an equal chance to attend.
  3. Compile a monthly list of “suggested events” for the following month to be included in the newsletter and read aloud at the next community call.

It could be great to make this a monthly rotating role, something that anyone can volunteer for regardless of how new they are to the community, as a way of fostering pathways to community leadership and greater inclusion. The following month’s convener can be assigned at the monthly call or elsewhere and don’t need to be limited to one person or any fixed number. But if this role really just turns out to be grunt work, not worth the extra effort of picking someone new each month or whenever, we can just have a couple regulars who fill the role for however long they’re willing and able (preferably some cis men like myself should step up to be “party planner” here, if that is indeed the case).

I’m also going to link here the way that governs their on-call moderator role, as a great example of the way they’re able to manage something similar and even provide :moneybag: compensation for the work:"On-Call"

That is for a very different role, and many of the measures there are certainly overkill for the kind of role I’m proposing here, but perhaps at some point in the future we can look to their bylaws for example of good community governance and the delegation of group tasks, once we’re ready to codify this kind of stuff.

And on that note, I may edit this post with a poll or put one in a comment down below, but will wait until we have some time to discuss and amend any of the above responsibilities etc.